Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) A day off tomorrow! I was super excited to check my company's holiday schedule and see that we have Good Friday off this year! I thought I was going to be spending my Good Friday holiday in Chicago... but sadly, it appears that won't be happening. I will, however, be sleeping in tomorrow... I can guarantee you that.

2) Yesterday's photo shoot. I had a great photo shoot yesterday with a fabulous mother/daughter duo. The daughter was around my age and the mother won my photography services at an auction last Fall. When talking to the two of them, I discovered that this was their plan for the perfect Father's Day gift... who didn't even know they were having their pictures made! I love that idea!

3) Ann's by the River. Any restaurant that has "Cafeteria Style" written into their tag line earns extra points with me. I have been searching for the perfect southern food spot since we've moved to Louisville... and so far nothing has really been up to par. But I stumbled on this little gem across the river one day in Indiana (literally 3 miles from our house)... and Ann's... well she has major potential. It's a good old fashioned "meat-n-three" as Lance would say. Their website boasts that it's "just the way grandma used to make it." Ummm... yes please. I'll have to do a full review soon.


Danielle said...

I get the day off tomorrow too! I should have listed that as #1 on my list. I'm taking my mom to Cincy for a little early Mother's Day outing of breakfast and shopping. Perhaps there's a little in it for me too (:

I've never heard of Ann's but I'm intrigued. I miss the good ol' cafeteria style food.

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE Ann's! I'm from Indianapolis and my grandparents live in J-town, so Ann's is a frequent stop when we visit. If you like fish, another family favorite is Mike Lennig's ( my grandparents have been going since they were kids in the 30s.

And amen to days off! I have one tomorrow-- apparently it's a trend :)

Our Family of Four said...

So glad your getting a day off.. enjoy it! I am so ready for this weekend!! Sounds like you had a great photo shoot.. can't wait to see some pics. Have a good one my friend.

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

You need to take a trip down to Memphis sometime! We have all the soul food you could stand, and you could meet all us crazy Memphis blogger girls :)

Garretts said...

i can't decide what i'm more excited getting to sleep in or that you may have found your meat n 3 you've been longing for?!?

can't wait for the full review soon!

isaac and jenny said...

Whoot for Global Gourmet!!! ;)