Friday, June 15, 2012

my parent's house... redecorated {part 4}

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of my parent's home redecoration project!

Let me bring you up to speed really quick... about a month ago my sister and I flew to Houston to redecorate my parent's entire house.  It was a whirlwind, but we had a blast... here's the recap...

Today we'll take a peek at the changes we made in the master bedroom.  But even better than that... a little question/answer session with the homeowners themselves.  Get stoked... exciting things going on over here.

Okay, first up... the "before" picture of my parent's master bedroom:
No, that's not my mom and dad under the covers.  That would be weird.  Let me explain... when I went around the house one morning snapping "before" pictures, my parent's bed wasn't made yet... so, I just threw all the blankets on the bed so you could get an idea of what the bedding looked like beforehand... I didn't realize that it looked like they were hiding little oompa loompas in their bed.  Sorry about that.

But never-the-less... here's the "after" photos...

We went with really simple bedding (TJ Maxx) with whites, creams, and blues.  I love how the bedding brightens up the entire room.  We still need to get some bigger pillows to really fill up the shams.  The lamps we found for the master bedroom were probably one of my favorite purchases... I literally yelped with excitement when we found them in TJ Maxx.  The glass table at the end of the bed was kind of a last minute "mistake."  It was originally in the family room... but got kicked out after the re-do.  We didn't want to get rid of it, so the glass table made its way into the master bedroom... at least until my parents find a fabulous bench for the end of the bed.

We kept things pretty simple over by the dresser... the biggest change being some major declutterizing.  My Nana and Pop gave my parents this gorgeous handblown vase for Christmas this year... it used to be on the coffee table in the family room, but we moved it into the master bedroom with a light, natural arrangement.  We wanted something that would make a statement, but still be able to keep the dresser clean.

Then over to the right of the bed, my parents have this great little seating area.  This space ended up being one of my absolute favorites.  When we started this redecoration project, I kept telling my sister, "we HAVE to get rid of those blue wing back chairs..."  Well, that wasn't in the budget.  But surprise, surprise... the wing backs are growing on me.  We got rid of the ugly round tablecloth table (go ahead... go check out the before photo again) and replaced it with a beautiful piece that was hiding upstairs in the media room.  We found a great lamp (TJ Maxx) that matched the bedside lamps, but had a slightly different shape.  This little space turned into the perfect, cozy reading corner.

So... there you have it.  The master bedroom... and the final part of the tour.  I hope you enjoyed seeing all the changes we made to my parent's house.  Wondering what my parents think of the space???  Well, let's ask them!!

Q&A with Mom & Dad...

What is your favorite room in the house?
  Mom: Family room!
  Dad: My favorite room is definitely the family room area.

  Mom: Because you made it HUGE!
  Dad: You guys were able to do what other professional designers could not; come up with a functional way to place the furniture that works!

What change do you think made the biggest impact?
  Mom: Moving the sofa table out of the family room made the biggest impact.
  Dad: Just cleaning up and getting rid of the years of accumulation of stuff.  The result was a cleaner, more modern appearance.

What change were you most surprised by?
  Mom: I was most surprised by the upstairs guest room at the top of the stairs with the fun bright colors!
  Dad: Your ability to make the family room work with our existing furniture.

How do you feel about pillows with numbers on them?
  Mom: I LOVE the pillows with numbers on them.  They are some of my favorite additions!
  Dad: I'm actually still trying to figure that one out.  I like them... they look great... but I'm not convinced that the pillow with a "9" on it isn't really supposed to be a "6."  I'm seriously considering turning it upside-down just to add some spice to my life.

How do you feel about spray paint?
  Mom: I love the spray painted little wicker stool (from white to turquoise), as well as the living room coffee table (from gold legs to brown).
  Dad: I used to hate it until I discovered that little gadget that you put over the can that lets you paint without your finger going numb from pressing down on the button. I like it so much now that I actually did what you asked me to do and spray painted the coffee table in the living room!  Then I got carried away and spray painted the outside bench in the front yard!  However, I'm not a fan of spray painting a $2,000 piece of furniture.

Have you started going to your FFA (Faux Foliage Anonymous) meetings yet?
  Mom: Yes, we have started our FFA meetings.  We are giving all the extra faux foliage to the Bluebird Resale Shop!  I promise not to cry!
  Dad: Ha! I never had any idea we had so much fake greenery in our house.  It's the accumulation of years along with the fact that it's easier to put it in a corner somewhere than carry it outside to the trash.

Were you surprised to see any of your old items in a new spot?
  Mom: I love the little piece of furniture that you added to our master bedroom between the blue chairs.  I am not even sure where it was in the house before, so yes, that was a nice surprise!
  Dad: I love the table that cam from the game room and now resides in the master bedroom.  You guys did a great job of "repurposing" some of our old stuff.

What's next on the to-do list?
  Mom: The next thing on our to-do list is to get rid of the huge heap of "STUFF" that is taking up half of our garage!
  Dad: Figuring out how to get rid of the piles of stuff that are now preventing me from parking my truck in the garage.  Seriously, that is a huge pile of stuff that I now have to deal with.  The current plan is to haul it all down to the Bluebird Resale shop and hope I can make some money from it.

Would you hire your interior designers again in the future?
  Mom: I would rehire our interior designers in a heartbeat and I believe they are wanted by many of my Facebook followers as well!
  Dad: Abso-damn-lutely!!

You heard the man... abso-damn-lutely.  Let us know if you would like to go on our waiting list;)


mleslie43 said...

I think it is funny that your Dad and I had very similar answers and we didn't even cheat! You guys did a great job and need to keep us fluffed and clutter free through the years!

Lauren Giesler said...

Your dad is seriously hilarious. And I loved your mom's simple answer of, "you made it huge!!" You guys did a great job!