Monday, August 9, 2010

reality check...

This weekend we loaded up the Uhaul and emptied the house. It's hard to believe that Louisville is just around the corner.

Seeing the Uhaul loaded up (and I mean, loaded up, stuffed full, packed to the gills, overflowing... you get the picture) was a bit of a reality check for me. You see, I'm really awful at goodbyes. I hate them. They are awkward and drawn out, and usually a little teary. So, I continue to use the excuse that I will be back on a monthly basis for work... "so don't worry, we'll do dinner..." And I'm sure I will get to do a few girls night dinners, but the reality is, most of my time will be spent at the office. And I know that Lance and I will be back to visit periodically for holidays and the occasional Raider football game, but it's just not the same.

Our sweet, sweet sunday school class cooked breakfast for us yesterday morning and the reality check hit me like a ton of bricks. Some of the people in this class I was just getting to know, and others have been there since day one. I suddenly wished I had more time. I know Lance and I will make new friends in Louisville... we'll start a new chapter... enter a new phase of life... all that good stuff... but leaving is bittersweet none-the-less.

Lance and Little Cat are driving the Uhaul today. They needed some good quality time together :) More on that trip tomorrow...

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Garretts said...

when we moved to habersham county three years ago, we didn't know a soul (granted we had family within an hours drive or so). the Lord led us to Bethlehem, and there we have made lifelong friends...something i wasn't sure you could do in your late twenties! i'm praying God will help you and Lance find a similar support system in L'ville.

of course, it won't be the same, but if anyone is cut out for adventure and the's you! you'll find a way to make the best of your new found couple time and maybe even a local high school football team to root for.

i look forward to staying in the loop with your blog. also, share your new mailing address when you get a chance. safe travels (esp. to lance & little cat)