Friday, March 30, 2012

louisville vs kentucky... civil war in the bluegrass state

Kentucky... a state that bets on horses, loves their bourbon, and worships basketball.

And in case you've been living under a rock recently... something spectacular is about to take place tomorrow in the bluegrass state... Tomorrow the no.4 seated University of Louisville Cardinals will take on the no.1 seated Kentucky Wildcats to fight for a spot in the National Championship game.

This state has literally turned upside down with intense competitive fever.

The rivalry between UofL and UK in basketball can be equated to Alabama and Auburn in football. Basketball reigns in the bluegrass state, football season seems to be a mere warm-up. I'll never forget the moment I realized that we now lived in basketball country... Lance and I were at dinner (basketball season was just starting up), and we overheard the conversation from the table behind us... "Man, I'm so glad football season is finally over... now we can watch some real sports. Did you see the UofL game today??" Lance and I stared at one another in utter shock. Where were we??

The bluegrass state. Basketball country.

So... where will we be tomorrow for tip off at 6:09pm? We'll be wearing red and cheering on the Cardinals. That's right... we have fully adopted our home city and all that comes with it... we'll be rooting for the University of Louisville completely and fully.

Well, at least until football season...


Jennifer Goodin said...

go Louisville!

Flossie said...

As a born and raised Kentuckian, I can assure you that there are as many (if not more) UK fans in Louisville as there are UofL fans. So if you want to come on over to the Promised Land and wear blue tomorrow, it's perfectly acceptable! :)

mleslie43 said...

I did see the craziness mounting when we were there visiting. People were already dancing in the streets when Louisville and Kentucky both won their games to get to the Final Four! Yep, it was crazy alright! But, then I like a bit of craziness! Oh yeah, GO KANSAS!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Hi - I'm part of the color my world challenge! I live in KY too - Lexington. and I cheer for the other team - but we can still be friends right? ;)