Friday, July 13, 2012

christmas in july

Ever since Chrystina from Chrystina Noel shared her tips on how to host a Christmas in July party on the blog, I've been brainstorming about how to make my very own "Chistmas in July party" a reality.
Oh, and

Two things I don't joke around about... Christmas... and parties.

My invitations arrived yesterday... and they.are.awesome.  Almost as awesome as all of the Christmas snack ideas I have swirling around in my mind.  Still trying to decide on a signature Christmas drink... preferably a cold one (hot chocolate isn't nearly as tasty when it's 100 degrees outside)... any ideas?

I've had several friends ask me what exactly you do at a Christmas in July party... to which I reply, "Eat Christmas food and listen to Christmas music, of course... duh."  Although... I did tell one girl we were going caroling.  She may not be coming anymore.

I've considered all kinds of things... decorating cookies... bringing toys to donate for children's Christmas gifts... having an ugly Christmas sweater contest... playing pin the nose on Rudolph... the list goes on.  All of these are awesome ideas... but I decided to keep it pretty simple... eat and hang out.  I decided this because I ended up inviting a random array of different women... some will know each other... some won't.  I want people to be able to mingle... to eat Christmas cookies and meet new people... simple.  I did decide to include recipe cards in all of the invitations, encouraging women to bring their favorite holiday recipe to swap with someone... but that's about the extent of our "activities."

...that is, unless I find an awesome Christmas sweater that lights up...


Jaimie said...

I'm wondering if you could come up with some cold holiday drink yourself.

You could do punch, which my family always has at Christmas parties anyway, and you could make a festive one...cranberry juice, orange juice, and some lemon-lime soda. Then (if you have one) use a Christmas ice mold, and freeze cranberries and mint leaves in the ice, and maybe float more cranberries in the punch.

You could probably also make some kind of white chocolate-mint "hot chocolate" drink, and then just chill it and serve it over ice. There's gotta be a recipe for that somewhere.

I just made myself an iced coffee yesterday to go with supper. YUM.

Jaimie said...

oh, PS, if you want to do a simple, fun, Christmassy activity that would work with people who don't know each other, suggest a white-elephant gift exchange. You can tell people when they call/email you to RSVP. That's cheap, easy, and super-fun. :) :)

thehollandfamily said...

What an awesome idea. My church used to do a huge thing for Christmas in July. A punch idea is pinapple juice, ginger ale, and one thing of lime sherbert I think. You could use a strawberry too to have green and red punch. Hope it is great. I heard you have two heading your way this weekend. Hope ya'll have lots of fun. I know they are excited!

Chrystina said...

I'm so excited for you!!! And your invitations look amazing!! I'm sad about the person who might not be coming because of the caroling lol - BUT I can't wait to hear about it :)

Also, punch could be fun :)

Steven Smith @ Professional organizing services NYC said...

I just loved the creative idea of making up the Xmas cards, these really sounds awesome.

mleslie43 said...

So did you already have it? Because, if ya did, I want to hear all about it! Also the sweater thing might be kind of hot too but if you found one that lit up, well it would totally be worth it! LOL