Tuesday, July 10, 2012

consignment goodness

Confession... I like to shop.  I like to buy things.  I have a weakness for shoes and handbags... and pretty much anything that's on sale.

However... we're on a pretty tight budget these days.  Therefore, shopping looks a little different.

Enter, CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING.  I've always been a fan of thrifting and consignment shopping.  But this past weekend I hit the mother load, my friends...
I purchased everything you see above for $20 bucks.

Yes. You heard correctly... twenty-flippin-dollars.

On Saturday I stumbled upon the most amazing pop-up shop in the mall... Lou Lou's Boutique Consignment.  It was purely by accident too... best kind of accident, if you ask me.  The pop-up shop was only up for 4 days... and lucky me, I happened to stumble in on the very last day of the 4-day shop... so everything was marked down even further... as in $2 per item.  That's right... two dollars.  

Still not impressed?  How about some details...
Ann Taylor tangerine silk top: $2
Thought this top would look awesome with a pencil skirt for the office. 

Calypso for Target navy tunic, with tags: $2  
This was my second favorite purchase... loved eyelet detail on the bottom.  And I think it will look great belted with a scarf when fall comes around, no??

nameless fitted pink top: $2 
I'm pretty sure this was a handmade top... like someone made this at home with a pattern and their sewing machine.  It fit perfectly and it's very Lily Pulitzer, don't you think?

J Jill linen capri pants: $2
I wasn't exactly sure about these at first... and started debating in the fitting room... then I remembered they were two-flippin-dollars.

Connie Collection multi-colored madras pumps, never worn: $2  
I mean, who doesn't need a pair of taffeta madras pumps??

Gabriella Rocha nude pumps, never worn: $2
Okay... this was by far my absolute favorite purchase of the day.  
I'm kind of in love with them. 

 BCBG neutral summer sandals, never worn: $2
These are a size 6.  I am a size 8.
Otherwise, these would have been my favorite purchase of the day.  But a smart shopper never passes up a great deal... I mean, again... two-flippin-dollars.  Planning to give this pair to my mother-in-law... with her itty-bitty-size-6-shoe-self.

 green & blue scarf, multi-colored patterned scarf, & woven brown belt: $6
Hoping to get good use out of all of these items... especially that multi-colored scarf.  Won't it look great with my navy tunic??

UGG green duck shoes, never worn: $35 

After my awesome shopping trip at Lou Lou's, I headed over to another one of my favorite consignment stores... except this time... to SELL... not buy.  It's one of my favorite spots because they pay you cash on the spot, and I usually do pretty good selling some of my things there.  And Saturday was no exception.  They paid me $108 for some of my items... not too shabby:)  But I couldn't seem to take my eyes off these UGG duck shoes.  I have absolutely no idea when I will wear them... right now, my feet start sweating just by looking at the dang things... but I'm sure when it's cold and rainy in Louisville, I'll be glad I have them:)

Soooo... according to my calculations, I basically came home with all of the above items... AND fifty-three bucks.  Can't beat that.  A very, very successful consignment day.


Flossie said...

I'm not a good consigner...but I wanna be! Would love to hear your tips for selling.

Jaimie said...

I've never sold things at a consignment store. My mom used to. But I don't really have a lot I'm interested in getting rid of! I went through my closet and dresser at the beginning of the summer, cleaned them out enough to get ALL my clothes put away at once, and I have a bag to take to a second-hand shop (not consignment) and I gave another bagful to a friend.

I do LOVE shopping at second-hand stores! Sometimes I wish I had money to buy clothes at the mall, but honestly, I've gotten some of my favorite (um, ALL my favorite) clothing items either second hand or hand-me-down. We had a rather wealthy, very generous friend who used to give my mom and I a huge bagful every year! NICE stuff.

I have one tip for you...you might know this already, but if you have a Goodwill anywhere near you, ask for their newsletter so you know when they have special sales. I went with some friends a few weeks ago when they had a 10-for-$10 sale. Yeah, you read that right. My friend got a bunch of blazers, slacks, skirts, and shirts for work; her husband got new polos; I got a long, rather sexy black dress, a skirt-suit (kind of old-fashioned but REALLY cute), a retro white dress, and perfectly-fitting black dress pants: for $4. No joke. Seriously good sale. You should find one. :) :)

LOVE all the things you got! Especially the nude shoes and the purple top--my favorite color! :)

Sixth Lens said...

Oh my! I only wish I was that lucky the last time I went to a consignment, maybe next time. But seriously, all those shoes for $2 each. Love love all of them, and the price makes me love them all even more. I like to shop as well and these are definitely great finds.

Sandy said...

Well done!!! I'm currently on the hunt for a consignment shop with decent maternity clothes. Those are few and far between.

I LOVE that tangerine top.

mleslie43 said...

My favorite outfit is your first photo of the blue dress, multi-colored patterned scarf and woven brown belt. I would like to wear that! Absolutely darling. Good job Julia!

Mackenzie said...

So jealous! Great finds!

Angie said...

You did good good good girlie! Your right, you did hit the motherload. Oh and I love those Uggs :)

Salena said...


The Spiveys said...

WOW!! So jealous! I do love a good sale... Also, is it weird that I now look at your wardrobe in a different light since LaJuan passes some of your hand-me-downs to me?? Just sayin'. God bless you for the hand-me-downs : )

Lindsey Brackett said...

Will you take me shopping when I lose the rest of this baby weight? :) Love the purple tunic, it's my fave color to wear. I'm wearing a purple Target shirt right now in fact.

Chrystina said...

I'm impressed you found so many shoes with a size 8 foot!! Great finds!!