Wednesday, July 17, 2013

i like to spray paint.

I love spray paint.  

It comes in an array of colors... you can spray pain just about anything... and the best part??  The results are practically instantaneous.  Love it.

A few months ago I bought several hanging plants to fancy up our backyard a bit... but the plastic pots that they came in were kind of bland.  I didn't want to spend a bunch more money replacing all of the pots... so... in comes spray paint!!! 

I carefully took the plants out of all of their containers so I could prep the pots for painting.  I have no idea what these plants are called... I completely forgot.  I consider it a huge accomplishment that they are all still alive;)

I took the containers to the side of the house and spray painted them one by one... the whole process took about 30 minutes for 6 containers.  I went with a bold lime green that I've used before on some other outdoor projects.  I love this color.

What a difference!!  I love how the green pops!!!  No more bland here.

I think even the chickens like it:)

Now I just need to focus on keeping the plants alive...


Flossie said...

I love this idea! As you may or may not know, I don't consider myself much of a crafter. I like to do short, easy projects. Nothing too complicated. Spray paint and a hot glue gun---that's about as difficult as I will tackle. It's become a huge running joke at work.

Jaimie Ramsey said...

At this point, there's not much in my house that I can/want to spray-paint. When we have a house, not an apartment... and a yard...then I'll work on developing some crafty skills! Like you! You impress me so much with your knack for prettifying things :D

Salena said...

Cute! I need to do some spray painting myself! I have bucket seats for my reading table at school. Last year I didn't have time to spray paint them, so I put some laminated paper around them, but I WILL pain them this time. :)