Wednesday, February 3, 2010

book review...

Okay, so I'm probably not really the best person to give book reviews, considering I only read like one book a month... but I'm working on it. I have this strange obsession with books. I can spend hours and hours in book stores. And I will buy a book in a heartbeat... knowing good and well that I probably won't actually read the book for another 3 years (if ever). I am trying to change my ways though. I'm doing my best to work through my bookshelf... with a mix of chick lit, inspirational books, and some classics sprinkled in there for good measure. I have also become a huge fan of audio books, which I know, is kind of like cheating, but is essential for my ridiculous commute. Here's what's in the works...

The Glass Castle: I actually just finished this one during my train rides in Germany. I really enjoyed it. It's basically a memoir describing the adventures of the author's disfunctional family. Jeannette did an amazing job creating a beautiful story from a somewhat dark childhood. I really love how all the chapters are only a few pages. I feel very accomplished when I can finish 1 chapter in a sitting, and Jeannette's 4 page chapters help make this happen.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: This book has been taking me forever to finish. But, to be fair, I did lose the book for a month (it was under my bed). I'm just not sure that the Harry Potter books are for me. I plan to struggle through it and give Harry a chance... and eventually, one day, I will probably pick up the second book (and probably the third).

The Hole in Our Gospel: I've only read the introduction so far... and it already intimidates me. It's one of those books that I know will challenge me. A very dear friend of mine recommended this book to me after she finished it. I know this one will take a while, as I plan to do some underlining and highlighting. I will keep you posted.

Dark Eye: This is my current audio book. It's a suspense novel and does a great job of keeping my attention on the drive home. Not sure if I would have ever actually picked this book up to read, but it's been a great listen so far. If you are a serious commuter, I highly recommend you try out the audio book section at your local library... it will keep you sane in traffic.

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