Sunday, February 28, 2010

project snail mail

Everyone loves snail mail. Sure, emails are great... and a random text from a long lost friend is nice. But nothing beats the feeling of seeing that one little envelope in the mailbox. You know... the one that isn't a bill... or a credit card application... or a random mailer addressed to the "current resident." The one that has actual handwriting on the envelope. The one that boasts an envelope with no clear address window and maybe even a fun color. So without further adu, I introduce to you: PROJECT SNAIL MAIL.

I can't take complete credit for this idea. PROJECT SNAIL MAIL was prompted after reading this post on Kelly's Korner (one of the blogs I recently started stalking).

I want to try to send one piece of snail mail out every week. This snail mail could come in the form of a letter, a fun card, or maybe even a small package... whatever I'm feeling that week. I will probably compose some type of list of all my potential pen pals to help me decide on the lucky recipient for the week.

My list will include the obvious participants (close friends and family), but I also want to think outside the box. Maybe a little note to a childhood friend that I haven't talked to in a while? Or maybe someone from my sunday school class? Or what about a local police officer? Or if you have kids, maybe a letter of thanks to their teacher? Or maybe even a note to the men and women fighting for our country? Or maybe it's just a person that has been on my heart lately, and needs a little bit of encouragement?

I'll keep you posted on my progress, but I would love to hear any ideas you might have or if you want to join me in my quest... my quest for happy mailboxes everywhere!


Chris and April said...

how about a letter to your creepy neighbor? i'm sure he would love it. :) i think i might do this too. i already sent one saturday. missed you yesterday. lets eat dinner soon.

Garretts said...

sounds like a super fun project. I LOVE snail mail (sending & receiving). I secretly enjoy writing thank you notes!

you are so creative I'm sure you'll come up with some cool stuff, but a friend of mine would send postcards in college made of silly stuff, like cereal boxes, etc.

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

sounds good...i'll be expecting my letter from you in a few! how did i not know you started a blog?! love it! gotta go add you to my google reader!

Demetrius and Amy said...