Thursday, October 14, 2010

a love/hate relationship...

A friend of mine posted about some of her love/hate relationships yesterday... and I realized that I have a few of my own...

I love the smell of freshly laundered sheets... I hate folding them.
(especially those dang fitted sheets)

I love icecream... I hate brain freeze.

I love the colorful autum leaves... I hate having to rake/bag them.

I love Little Cat... I hate that he now has a litter box.

I love to read... I hate that I never make time to do it.


What do you love/hate??


Courtney said...

I love drinking wine. I hate a hangover. Does that count??? :)

I love Little Cat, too.

mleslie43 said...

Well, I LOVE your new post of LOVE/HATE relationshiops but where is your Thankful Thursday?? I can't say that I hate that it is not there... but where is it?? lol

The Rigoloso's said...

i love friends.
i hate being so far away from them.
debbie downer, obvi

Garretts said...

good list. although i'm still working on perfecting it, I stumbled on this terribly funny blogger that did a video on the appropriate way to fold a fitted sheet.

here's the link:

another reason i love her, is she's a georgia girl. a fellow bulldog grad!