Thursday, December 23, 2010

thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) Christmas countdown. Can you believe Christmas Eve is TOMORROW?!?! December has literally flown by this year. Many of our family traditions kick off on the 24th, so Christmas is in full-swing over here... and I love it!

2) Wedded bliss. Even though Christmas is just around the corner, there has been lots of wedding talk happening around this house... wedding colors, engagement pictures, venues, dates... and of course the dress. We went dress shopping for Jenna this week, and found the one:)

3) Warmer weather. And I mean much warmer. Before we left Kentucky, we hadn't seen anything above freezing in almost 3 weeks... with snow still on the ground. Then we were welcomed to Georgia with weather in the 40s and 50s. But now we are in Texas... trading out our sweaters for tank tops and shorts... enjoying the 70s and 80s. I mean seriously... it was 82 degrees here on Tuesday... no lie.

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The Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

1. How seriously crazy is that?? December did fly by and I am thisclose to seeing Kenny so I am super excited as well :) Merry Christmas!!
2. Ahhhh wedding stuff!!! How awesomespice. I'm seriously so excited for your sister and I want to live vicariously through her wedding process. I hope for more details on this when I see you. PS maybe she should start a blog to document this process. I'm just sayin'.
3. You suck!! Hhahah. No really I adore you but I'm leaving freezy Georgia for ......even more freezy Chicago. At least I'll have my love to keep me warm?