Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedded wednesday

This past weekend was full of wedding preparations, bridal showers, girl time, and cake... lots of cake. I flew into Houston late Thursday night and the craziness began. My beautiful sister is tying the knot this August and she typically does a Wedded Wednesday segment on her blog... so I thought I would follow suit this week...

Here's what a fabulously-busy-wedding-shower-weekend-extravaganza looks like... {beware... massive photo overload post}

{adorable travel totes for all of the bridesmaids}

{the first of many cakes and cupcakes}

{the bride-to-be (middle) and her bridesmaids}

{a gorgeous bridal shower theme... breakfast at tiffany's}

{my new favorite sister photo}

{the prettiest mother/daughter combo ever}

{the shower hostesses... don't you love how they all dressed the breakfast at tiffany's part?}

{getting showered with beautiful gifts}

{taking my job as matron of honor very seriously}

{the cutest bra & panties ever... one of Jenna's bridesmaids made these for the lingerie/bachelorette party}

{our pre-dinner mojitos}

{the bachelorette ready to take on the world}


{the strongest, yet most deceptive, drink ever}

{the bride making her improv comedy debut}

{a super fun night with super fun girls}

{the only photo you get to see from the bridal portraits... more of these in August}

Happy Wedded Wednesday!


Flossie said...

What a cool weekend! I love the bra & panty cookies...will have to remember this for the future. And I love the B@T's bridal shower idea!

Lauren said...

I love the sneak peak of the bridal portraits! I think it's really special that you got to take those for her.
What a wonderful weekend!
We're really hoping to see you two in July on our way through Louisville!

The Rigoloso's said...

Love it all... esp the new sister pic!

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

I love the Bridal Shower theme. How adorable! And those bra and panties cookies..too cute. :)

April said...

we got those same totes from mere! and those cupcakes look exactly like ones we did for mere and rob's engagement party. love the bridal pic. can't wait to see more. miss you. wish you could have been there to welcome little ty into the world!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I love the bridesmaids totes...what a cute idea! You and your sis are just beautiful!! I love that you are her matron of honor! I want to get married again just so I can have a Tiffany themed idea ever!!

mleslie43 said...

Love it, sending it to the yayas!

Susan Leslie said...

How fantastic! what a wonderful celebration-pre-wedding! can't wait to see the 'blushing' bride in August! and the rest of the family Leslie!

Garretts said...

love all the photos! i feel like i was there! i LOVE that photo of your mom & sis.

can't wait for the rest of the bridal pics...that sneak peek is super cute!! glad you had so much fun!!