Sunday, December 18, 2011

crew family {louisville family photographer}

Meet the Crew family. Seriously some of my absolute favorite people. Little John Marshall was my very first client here in Louisville... and Lance and I quickly hit it off with his parents. The Crew family has become some of our very best friends over the past few years.

Are you thinking the little man looks familiar? Well, you may remember his cuteness from his very first session here... or how handsome he looked for his 1 year shoot here. I love doing continuous sessions with families... it's so fun to see the little ones grow up right in front of the camera lens.








I had trouble picking a favorite from this session... too many to choose from. What about you? Which one is your favorite?


Kristen Danielle said...

4 is such a great photo. Even though not everyone is looking @ the camera... it's truly beautiful! You did such a good job! This family looks like fun! :)


The enchanted home said...

What a beautiful family and a precious little boy!!

Jaimie said...

HARD choice! I love 2, 3, 4 and 7...but four is my favorite. :) Well done, Julia!

The Rigolosos said...

The Crew Family! Some of our favorite people, too!

Mr. JM is quite the handsome dude. And sooo big!

Props to the photographer. We kinda like her, as well. :)

Salena said...

Super cute! I think #7 is my fave!

Garretts said...

4 is my fav of the family. 6 is my fav of JM. such a cutie!