Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend in review

My weekend started with an evening flight home... Atlanta to Louisville. It's a short flight... but one I'm always ready to make. I'm always ready to get home and see Lance. Five days feels longer than it sounds... Lance picked me up from the airport and we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading home.

My new Erin Condren planner was waiting for me at the door. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this thing is. I'm really hoping this planner will be the motivation I need to accomplish resolution #9... Use a planner (for the whole year). I'll keep you posted.

I had a lovely newborn photo session scheduled on Saturday with sweet little Jovie. I hope to post more photos soon. She was an absolute doll and slept right through most of the session.

Lance went with me to the new Paper Source store that recently opened up nearby (I know... amazing husband).

Sigh... I wanted everything in the entire store. Beautiful papers and stationary galore. We did end up buying a really awesome scratch-off map that allows you to scratch-off all of the countries you've traveled to... totally cool.

Saturday night Lance and I went to see The Descendants. It was good... but way heavier than I expected. Not quite sure what I had in mind... but I was thinking something a little less intense.

Yesterday was pretty low key... church... laundry... afternoon nap... more laundry... spaghetti with friends... preparations for Monday... and the last load of laundry...

No complaints here though. A fabulous weekend at home... always feels good to be home.


Lani said...

Sounds like a nice,busy and productive weekend.

Molly said...

I was at paper source on saturday! Love that place.

mleslie43 said...

Ahh, nice and relaxing... just what the Dr. ordered! We saw Descendants too. I liked it but know what you mean about it being a bit intense and sad in some ways too.

The Rigolosos said...

You and me in Paper Source? Trouble. But at least J and Lance could keep each other company doing boy things.

We saw The Descendants. I really liked it. Raw and real and emotional and well-acted. But heavy for real.

Love you, miss you!

Angie said...

I love to get away but I love returning home just as much. Glad you had a safe trip!

I've been wanting one of those planners forever!!! One of these days I'm going to break over and buy one! Oh and I can't wait to see the baby pics. I bet they are adorable!!!