Monday, February 13, 2012

oh snap... tomorrow is valentine's day.

Wait... what? Tomorrow is February 14th? Sheesh... where did the rest of February go? I swear... I turn around for 5 seconds and February is dang gone.

I guess I better get a move on with my Valentine's Day gifts... and when I say gifts, I really mean super simple stamped love tags... with a little bit of glitter... for good measure, of course.

I'm still trying to decide what to do for my man tomorrow. Valentine's Day for married couples is just different... I mean, we acknowledge the holiday and all, but try not to spend loads of money or anything. I'm trying to get creative, but just realized I'm kinda running out of time.

Any suggestions? What are your thoughts on the big mushy holiday? Do you celebrate?


Flossie said...

We have never made a big deal of V-Day. In our early married years, we were both still in school and it always seemed that one or both of us had a big round of tests coming up so it was usually take out followed by a night of studying. Now we try to just have a quiet dinner at home. I usually bake something I know Shawn will like. This year, we're trying a Pioneer Woman recipe I've had my eye on...pulled pork with cole slaw. Nothing says romance like bbq! ;)

Hillary said...

I saw a card on shutterfly that i like... i think i'm going to make it. which means i need to actually do something... whoops.

Lani @ Its My Life said...

I got hubs a little something that I think will make is life easier. nothing too romantic:( I did make a deck of cards book with 52 reasons I love him.

Check out my blog post this morning, there is a little something there for you:)

mleslie43 said...

Surprise him with a romantic dinner at home with his favorite beer or wine! And maybe a few choclate covered strawberries??

Caroline said...

We just go to dinner. We're pretty simple.

Connie said...

Yeah we are not super fans of v-day, this year it's all about the kids..but I did think of a little practical something I will get the hubby..he has a HUGE job fair at school this month...we will know if a company will pick him after graduation in I thought about getting him a new tie. A good luck tie from the kids and myself! I thought that would be nice! :D Have a great dayyyy and good luck! :D

Jaimie said...

You bet we celebrate! It's our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!

We've kind of spread it out, actually...two weekends ago we went to a B&B (NOT a fancy one, but nice) for a night. This past Friday Joshua ordered in pizza and we went to see the 3D Star Wars Episode I (not terribly impressive 3D effects, by the way). He got me a cute, flirty pj set--undies and a tank that says "Josh's Girl." :D

And on Tuesday, I'm making a roast chicken, homemade stuffing, steamed veggies, and cheesecake!! Almost all of which will be a first time attempt...wish me luck. :)