Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend festivities...

This weekend was fabulous. We started a tad early with an amazing date night Thursday night. This was technically our Valentine's date. We had a gift card and some Valentine's cash, so we were able to enjoy a super romantic evening at a pretty swanky restaurant in Louisville... The Mayan Cafe. It.was.amazing.

We went all out and ordered the Tuna Ceviche as an appetizer... I meant to take a picture, but before I realized it... the ceviche was all gone... oops.

I did remember to snap a quick photo of our entrees... I ordered the pork, which was incredible... and Lance ordered the salmon. Lance said his meal was equally amazing, but I wouldn't know for sure, since he didn't let me steal a bite:)

The ability that this chef had to mix so many different ingredients to come up with just the right flavor was incredible to me. There were so many flavors going on... it was so, so good. Almost as good as the pomegranate crepes we had for dessert... OMG... amazing. I would show you a picture... but yeah... that didn't happen. Lance had to keep me from licking the plate clean. Swear.

Anyhow... moving right along...

The rest of the weekend was exactly how I imagined it... sleep, laundry, errands, cleaning, crafting... It was perfect.

I visited a new antique/thrift shop that just opened around the corner from our house... Yesternook. I might have come home with the above items. While I still love the Goss Avenue Antique Mall, this place has waaaayyyy better prices. That basket was $5, the apothecary jar was only $2.50, and that sweet little mirror was only $1.99. Not too shabby if you ask me.

I finally did some much needed grocery shopping. You know it's bad when all you have in your fridge is pickles and salsa. Pay no attention to all of the frozen pizza. It was 10-for-10 at Kroger, okay... geez, don't judge.

I tried out my new Essie sparkle nail polish... "a cut above."

...I love it. There's no rule about not using sparkles on your nails if you're over 30, is there??

Saturday night, my sister's best friend was in town for a local volleyball tournament (she coaches)... so Lance and I met up with her for (a super late) dinner. She's getting married this summer and we're so bummed we can't make it... this little visit made up for it.

Then I spent all day Sunday crafting and cleaning. I finished a few projects that have been lying around unfinished for months now... feels good. Will show more photos soon... promise.

How was your weekend?? Busy? Relaxing? Productive? Lazy? A bit of everything?


Lani @ Its My Life said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend. I have 5 months left until 30 and I'm wearing all the sparkle polish I can:) just in care.

Danielle said...

My husband and I were in your neck of woods for dinner this weekend too. We went to Basa and while it was good, we won't be making a special trip back. I've heard really good things about the place you went. And I'm dying over your little antique/thrift store finds! $2.50 for an apothecary jar?! I want it!! What side of town is that? I'm familiar with Bardstown Road, Shelbyville Road, and Frankfort Ave (notice a shopping/eating trend?) - is it close to any of those?

Flossie said...

Love the apothecary jar!!!

Garretts said...

Um, I LOVE totinos crispy crust pizzas! I would totally stock up my freezer with a deal like that.

On another note, looks like a perfect weekend! Those are great deals...looks like the new antique/thrift store is a major score.

Can't wait to see what all you've been creating.

Lauren Giesler said...

I love to see other out-of-college, adult couples buying 10-for-10 totinos! Yes!!
Sounds like a great weekend... miss you guys!