Friday, May 18, 2012

he & she... {summer edition}

he is traveling to Nepal and Turkey this summer.

she is traveling to Texas and Alabama this summer.

he is just days away from his 33rd birthday.

she just celebrated her 31st birthday.

he brought her flowers this week... just because.

she made him cookies this week... just because.

he is finishing papers and book reports from his spring classes.

she is finishing editing photos from her spring photography sessions.

he is planting a vegetable garden in their backyard.

she is just trying to keep her potted plants alive.

he is reading books for his summer classes.

she is reading the Hunger Games series.

he helps the neighbors with yard work.

she brings the neighbors brownies.

they are making this community more and more like home everyday.


Flossie said...

I love homemade treats! To me, they are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to say, "I care." Even better when it's just because. :)

Amy said...

Aw, Love the pic.
I would love to see him and her.

Lani @ Its My Life said...

This is too cute! Might have to do a version of it soon.

our little family said...

he & she are just precious. so happy you guys have each other! have a great weekend!

Sixth Lens said...
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Sixth Lens said...

his is a lovely post. You guys are too cute!!! I started smiling half through and couldn't stop smiling after reading. wishing he and she a great weekend and bountiful years of happiness.

Salena said...

I love these kinds of posts! You guys are doing lots of awesome things!

Garretts said...

Love that you've each found your own special ways to make the 'ville feel a bit more like home with each passing day!

Sixth Lens said...

Hi Julia, you've been tagged. Please check out my blog for details on participation. Thanks!

Chrystina said...

This was fun to read - so many complementary things going on over here. Enjoy!!