Tuesday, May 1, 2012

color my world {review week}

About 4 weeks ago a couple of brilliant blogging chicks thought of a genius way to incorporate color into their homes.  Then... they went a step further and made a challenge out of it.  And then... they were kind enough to invite a handful of other bloggers to join in the challenge.

Hence, the Color My World Challenge.

And every Tuesday for the past 4 weeks you've seen my attempt to incorporate mustard yellow throughout my home.  Well, this is the final week of the challenge (sad, I know)... and this week's assignment is to write up a brief summary from the last 4 weeks, as well as my final thoughts on my color choice and projects.

So... here we go... 

Week one... inspiration week.  It was a happy-sunny-yellow-overload-post.  Inspiration for mustard yellow is everywhere right now... decor, shoes, jewelry... so it wasn't tough to find tons of mustard on pinterest.

Week two... decor week... which for us, meant our beautiful new living room rug.  Love.this.rug.  We actually bought this rug about a week before the Color My World Challenge even existed.  And as I read Jessamie's email about the challenge, I sat in our living room.... wondering what color I would possibly choose... with my toes in the soft wool rug... glancing around at the common colors already in my home... Then it hit me.  Mustard Yellow.  The new color in town.  Perfect.   And thanks to our amazing new rug, I already had week one in the bag with a super awesome decor item.

Week three... paint week.  That's right... paint.  This was by far the scariest week of the challenge for me.  I knew from the moment I committed to this challenge that I would painting our dresser/hutch thingie... regardless of the color I picked (good thing I didn't choose fuchsia).  Yep, paint week was the week that really made this a challenge for me.  I debated to the very end about doing a cottage blue color... but I knew that was playing it safe.  So, I stuck with my mustard and painted away... and I LOVE how it turned out!!  It may not stay yellow forever... but for now... I'm in love.

Week four... fabric week.  Initially I bought a happy, cheery, yellow pillow and thought I'd call it a day.

And then... I fell in love with a table runner.  

Oh... and another pillow.  I did not have any problems with fabric week.  I did, however, ban myself from World Market... forever.

Soooo... color in review... I LOVE MUSTARD YELLOW!!  I deem the entire challenge a huge success!  This 4 week process is a fabulous way to incorporate a new color into your home.  I loved how it made me think of several different elements (decor, paint, fabric)... and if you were trying to follow a strict budget, you could do something similar, adding a different element every month or every quarter even.

This week all of the bloggers that participated in the challenge are hosting a linky party for any of you folks that might have stepped out of your color-comfort zone the past few weeks.  Join in the linky party at the bottom of this post and link up any posts that show your new color in your home!!  Looking forward to seeing what projects you guys have been working on!

Be sure to visit some of the other bloggers listed below to see what color changes they are making in their own home...


Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

I love how all of your mustard yellow turned out! My fav is still your cabinet - what a stunner!

Maury Kilgo said...

Great job! I love that rug. It steals the show and the cabinet is awesome. Great job!

Jessamie Vincent said...

Seriously, your color/rooms might be one of my favorites. It turned out SOOO good! Love it, Julia! Thanks for taking the challenge!

Tiffany said...

I just love that mustard yellow cabinet...and the table runner...and the pillow. I pretty much love it all. Great job!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

so fun! i loved doing this- my favorite is your yellow cabinet!