Monday, April 30, 2012

dear april...

Dear April,

You blew straight through the calendar... faster than the blink of an eye.  You challenged me in new and exciting ways.  You brought dinners with friends... a quiet week at the office... lakeside weddings... late nights with old college girlfriends... a much-needed beach trip... even more-needed mother/daughter time... new raised bed gardens... doctor appointments... adoption seminars... and sushi date nights.

Never a dull moment.  April, thank you for being a month of learning and growing... of patience and redirection... of stop and go.  And as quick as I can turn the calendar page to May, the craziness starts again.  Catching a flight tonight and starting it all over again.

Goodbye, April... Hello, May.



Angie said...

April sneaked right on past me. I can't believe tomorrow starts May!

Jennifer Dawn McLucas said...

Adoption seminars!?! We are finally coming to the end of our adoption journey. It's not easy. But the 2 year old boy we're adopting has been spending weekends with us and everything just feels complete when he's here. I'm so looking forward to things coming to a close. Let me know if you need a few words of encouragement as you continue your journey.