Friday, September 28, 2012

adoption update :: simple answers for complex questions

As Lance and I have posted updates regarding our adoption process, several questions have popped up... and I realized that besides this post, we really haven't said much about the adoption process at all.

So... I thought a little Q&A might be nice.  Each and every one of these questions could be a post on their own... and probably should... but for now, I'm just going to simply answer your questions.  Simple answers for complex questions...  I promise to elaborate on all of these questions at some point or another.

{Question 1}
What agency are you guys using?
     European Adoption Consultants (EAC).

{Question 2}
Are you doing domestic or international adoption?

{Question 3}
What country are you adopting from?

{Question 4}
What is the timeline?
     About a year.

{Question 5}
You guys must be getting close, right?
     Nope.  We still have mountains of paperwork.

{Question 6}
Are you guys still trying to get pregnant?
     We're not preventing.

{Question 7}
What will you do if you get pregnant in the process?
     We will still adopt... and will then come home with 3 kids.

{Question 8}
Wait, what?  How many kids are you adopting?
     We are pursuing adopting 2 children.

{Question 9}
Are you adopting siblings?
     Maybe.  But not necessarily.

{Question 10}
Are you excited?
     Heck, yeah we are!!

So there you have it... simple answers to complex questions.  I promise to elaborate on these questions as we continue our journey!  In the meantime, your prayers are greatly appreciated as we move forward into unchartered territory.


morgan said...

how exciting!
i think that adoption is a wonderful thing. my parents never adopted, but i grew up having lots of kids living in my house while their lives were in transition and i have so many great memories from that!
i am also glad i stumbled across your blog! i am, too from georgia (i still live here, though), my dad's family comes from east texas, i'm an ex-college athlete, and my husband is studying to be a christian counselor!
looking forward to reading about you alls story.
have a great weekend!


Cami said...

I am SO excited for you!! That's so amazing - to be adopting TWO children. I didn't realize that :)

our little family said...

THanks for that little update! I absolutely can't wait to see how your story unfolds, Julia! I know it's going to be so beautiful. So glad you are documenting along the way. Praying for you guys!

Katie said...

this is so exciting and I'm so glad you are posting about your journey! my husband and i have one more try through fertility treatments for right now and then may look into adoption. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and am praying for you along the way!

Marci Smith said...

So excited to see what The Lord has in store for you guys! Xoxo

Claire's Momma said...


Lauren Giesler said...

Yayyyyy! I am just so excited for y'all. I thought about you two the whole time we were in Haiti. We fell in love with the children and Haiti is definitely on our hearts for our own adoption one day.
And I'm SUPER encouraged by hearing that the timeline is about a year. We heard that there were times in Haiti's past that it took much longer, so I'm really glad to hear this. I can't wait to see this story unfold. What an awesome mama you'll be!!

Garretts said...

Love that #10! What an incredible journey for you & Lance. Sweet prayers are being uttered on your behalf.

Rachel said...

Wow, that is so exciting! I hope and pray that everything will go smoothly for you during this time!

Demetrius and Amy said...

Can't wait to see what God does in your hearts through this process and then once you have those little gifts in your arms. Praying for you and for Haitian babies and birth mothers. Lots of love for you from Orlando....

Salena said...

Julia, this is amazing! I will definitely keep you and Lance in my thoughts and prayers through this process.