Tuesday, May 28, 2013

he & she {summer edition}

he welcomes summer by turning the A/C up.

she welcomes summer by putting the windows down.

he lets the chickens out every morning before work.

she is teaching the chickens to eat out of her hand.

they are patiently waiting for their first batch of eggs.

he prunes and tends to the backyard vegetables.

she waters and cares for the front porch flowers.

he is driving all around northern Kentucky for his new job.

she is commuting to southern Indiana for her new job.

they are slowly adjusting to their new schedules.

he is learning about aquaponics.

she is catching up on photo editing.

he just turned the ripe old age of 34 last week.

she isn't far behind at her new age of 32.

they will celebrate 9 whole years of blissful marriage tomorrow.

...summer couldn't be better.


Flossie said...

I always love your he/she posts. Happy anniversary!

Salena said...

Sweet! I love these posts. Happy Anniversary!

Lindsey Brackett said...

Happy Anniversary! Blog more about those chickens, I'm going to convince Joshua to get some!

Flossie said...

Julia--I've questioned if I should even share this. I hardly have any right giving you advice or counsel. But I finally decided if I were starting down the road to adoption, I would hope someone would share this information with me. Have you read Jen Hatmaker's recent series on international adoption? Check it out. As someone who knows VERY LITTLE about adoption, I found it very informative. Blessings!

mleslie43 said...

YAY! Julia is back on her blog! We have missed you so! Even me, who gets to talk to you almost every day. Love seeing you here!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this. It's always fascinating to know how people's husbands play into their lives because so often blogging doesn't focus on that aspect. Happy almost 32. And happy 9 years!!