Friday, May 3, 2013

my grown-up birthday wish list...

My birthday totally snuck up on me this year.  My mom called last week asking me for my birthday list... and I had nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  I guess that's what happens when you turn 32.  I actually forgot how old I was turning the other day... totally forgot.  All the "mile-marker" birthdays (16... 21... 30...) have all since long passed and I have now entered the age range where you just completely forget how old you are.

But have no fear.  I was able to think about it for a while, and have successfully put together my birthday wish list... two days before my actual birthday:)

1) this anthro vase

2) new bloch flats

3) baskets for my expedite shelves

4) cream soda

7) any of these stamps

10) pretty much anything from here


mleslie43 said...

Oops too late! You almost had a bag of sticks! Glad you liked what we got you though. ;)

Morgan Forrester said...

Soo what is still left on this list??

Anonymous said...

Love this list! Makes me want to make one!

Anonymous said...

Missing your blog posts! Hope everything is okay, and you'll be back soon!

Anonymous said...

Wish lists are fun :) - I especially love that Elise's stamps made the list. Happy almost birthday :)