Wednesday, June 26, 2013

thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) Shop progress.  In an effort to raise some funds for our adoption fees I am selling some fun items in my Etsy shop!!  I have some jewelry listed (all handmade by me)... as well as some of the badass woodwork that my dad has been doing.  He has some gorgeous bowls listed and some really cool writing pens.  Please take a look and spread the word... ALL shop proceeds go directly towards bringing home sweet baby girl!!!

2) Little Cat.  I am so thankful that my Little Cat is home.  I didn't realize quite how much I would miss him if he were gone.  Our house just isn't the same without him.

3) My sister... who just happens to be flying into Louisville TOMORROW night!!!  This was a very unscheduled-emergency-sister-visit...  My parents got a good deal and booked her a last-minute flight after I called my mom mid-panic attack on Tuesday.  I've been a tad overwhelmed with all that we have to do in regards to tidying up our adoption stuff.  It will be nice to have my sister in town for a few days to help me stay on track and hopefully not have a melt down.  Annnnnndddd... we might just paint baby girl's room this weekend:)

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hillary c. said...

you be early yo! Will be linking up tomorrow :) there might be pictures you want to see.

I love this list. Glad your sis gets to come visit you. And so so glad LC is back.

I will be sharing your etsy shop on the blog soon.

Deep breathes.

Love you.

OneMommy said...

Sharing your Etsy Shop today on my social media --- Hope your baby girl comes home soon!

Camille said...

Shared your Etsy shop on my pages. :) I hope you have a nice visit with your sister!

mleslie43 said...

Been sharing your Etsy site like crazy! Praying for our baby girl to come home soon! Glad Jenna Benna is gonna be there this weekend to keep everyone calm, collected and on track... maybe you will even get a painted baby room out of it! And last but not least so glad Little Cat is home. Eveyone can rest easier now for sure!

Demetrius and Amy said...

Omg your painting her room. Maybe you should start with the room & you'll be beyond willing to work through that paperwork. I love this "sister to the rescue"

iluvmei said...
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dora's mommy said...

Hi, hope you won't think me as a stalker, I came across your blog while searching for sth (forgot what the subject was). Then I realized I've been reading your blog the whole afternoon, and couldn't help follow the updates ever since. I love everything you posted and my heart goes with you, whenever it's a happy or depressing day. Good luck with the baby adoption and etsy shop sales! Hi to Little Cat too, our two little cats also have the same hair color as LC!