Friday, April 30, 2010

this or that

I saw this cute post over at Tales from the Fairy Dust and I thought I would play copy cat. I included a blank one at the bottom, in case anyone else is interested...

Tea or Coffee... I'm not really a huge coffee fan... unless it's coffee ice cream or a Starbucks Caramel Frapachino. But I love hot tea, especially if it has lots of sugar in it.

Matte or Glossy... I'm thinking photos here, and I usually prefer glossy.

Sweet or Salty... Sweet, duh.

TV or Radio... While, yes, I have a few favorite TV shows... I love me some Pandora radio. And anyone that has a long commute can appreciate a good morning radio program.

Morning or Evening... Evening, no doubt. I am NOT a morning person. I can still sleep in like a champ.

Pencil or Pen... Like Tales from the Fairy Dust, I too, love a good ballpoint pen. But for whatever reason, I prefer a pencil, especially if I'm jotting something down in my planner. I always use pencil in my planner.

Introvert or Extrovert... This one could go either way depending on the day... but I genuinely love some really good "me" time. I am perfectly okay sitting at home by myself on a Friday night, and sometimes I prefer it that way.

Mountain or Beach... Beach, for sure. And I could really use a beach trip about now... really.

Spontaneous or Structured... Some people may call it OCD, but I prefer the word "structured." There's nothing wrong with a little bit of organization, right?

Neat or Messy... I mean, seriously, what "structured" person isn't going to answer "neat" on this one.

Town or Country... Back in the day, I probably would have answered "town" on this one, but after falling in love with the 'Sham, I think I'm a country girl now.

Eat In or Take Out... I don't cook. Like ever. So we are a take out kind of family. I'm hoping this will change one day when we have children, but not making any promises.

Your turn...


Marti Kubena said...

Yeah, don't make that promise! I have three kids and I still suck at cooking. I draw a complete blank pretty much every time dinner rolls around. At this point, I am just trying to be a good cook by the time I have grandkids.

mleslie43 said...

Love the pics of the race car drivers! You are right.. you missed getting one of me which had to be the most hilarious! And of course you already know my answers from the above list and I must say to you and Marti...I am still not cooking. One reason though is because John loves to cook so I am off the hook! Thank you God!