Tuesday, April 20, 2010

simple photos & words

So, I've been working on a few very simple photo projects lately. I am always trying to think of gifts that are both personal and simple... just something small to let someone know I'm thinking about them. And besides, I needed a few fun ideas to keep my project snail mail going.

Here are just a few ways to turn a simple photo into a thoughtful gift...
1) This is a fun picture of me and my sister this past Christmas in Steamboat, CO. I printed this on 8x10 matte photo paper, then trimmed to the size I wanted. I used my corner rounder to clip the corners (the corner rounder might be the absolute best invention ever... really). Then I just used some rub-on words for the phrase on the top. I slipped this photo in the mail to my sister last week. Love it.
2) This totally groovy picture was for my parents on their 34th wedding anniversary. First of all... how awesome are my peace-loving-hippie-head parents?!? For those of you that know my mom and dad now, you can truly appreciate this. I LOVE my mom's hair (and my dad's while we're at it), and I only wish she had saved me some of her hippie skirts... bummer. So, for this little gift, I simply took some cute square letter stickers I had laying around and slapped them right on the photo. Even the letters look like they are straight from the 70's. I put this in a little black picture frame and dropped it in the mail so mom & dad would receive it on their anniversary. From what I hear, everyone got a kick out of this gift.
3) This is part of my cousin's high school graduation gift... so I'm kind of banking on the fact that she doesn't read my blog. And if so, don't worry Paige, there's more where this came from :) I just love the bright colors on this photo... I printed this up as a 5x7 on glossy photo paper. Then I used rub-on words again here. Just one simple word, so I didn't take away from the photo itself. Saving this little gift for closer to graduation.

4) This is one of my favorite photos that I took a while back on a girl's beach trip. Very simple and sweet. Here I just printed a 4x6 in black and white, then added an inexpensive framing matte in sage green. Then I found a clear word sticker that I thought fit the feeling of the photo and added it to the matte.
I love the simplicity of all of these little projects. And I love how the whole story is told just by the simple photos & words.


Courtney said...

1. I am so going to copy you...love these! 2. Yay for the corner rounder. I think I love it, too. 3. Your Mom is the cutest ever. She looks just like Jessica Simpson in the groovy photo.

Liz said...

Seriously - How cute are all of these projects?!!? You really are gifted. I might have to copy you if I ever get that talented with photos. Love them! (Oh and your mom looks so amazing - very hip!)

mleslie43 said...

Thanks for the cool comments on your mom being so groovey and hip! HA! And sorry, didn't have many hippie skirts only lots of jeans (torn, ripped and patched)and yes I am actually wearing overalls!

thehollandfamily said...

Quite the talented lady. Your pictures are great.

our little family said...

julia, you do have some amazing genes & talent as well. one of my fave. posts of yours... please promise us you'll keep showing us what you are making for some inspiration!!! Love these...