Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have been feeling a little craft-impaired lately... as all the boxes marked "CRAFT CLOSET" are still sitting out in the garage... all sealed up and stacked up, with no where to go.

I'm itching to work on some projects that have been in progress for quite some time now... but unfortunately that probably won't be happening any time too soon, as we have some really busy exciting weekends planned (more on that later).

There is so much inspiring goodness out there right now. Until I can sit down with my own craft supplies, I will continue to live vicariously through crafters via the world.wide.web.

Over on Marta Writes, she and Summer Harms partnered together to create the Penpal Project. It is brilliant. It combines the beauty of photography and penmanship. I think more grownups should have penpals. Anyone interested in a Kentucky penpal?

Liz at Paislee Press made this beautifully simple travel album documenting a trip to Italy and Paris. She used a Kolo Riva album and kept the layout super simple... which I love. You can also see her project on the Koloist blog. Lance and I did our own Paris trip back in 2007... and all of our photos are still in a box. Maybe this is just the inspiration I needed...

Over on Becky Higgin's blog, she challenged her readers to try photographing from a different angle... specifically, taking shots from the ground. She posted a few of the submissions that came in, and they were all so beautiful. It's amazing how a photograph transforms just by changing the perspective. I am so going to try this soon.

Then finally, on Elise's blog last week she put together a sweet little "she&he" book. It is adorable. I love how it is a snapshot of her life as a newlywed. Again, this project seems pretty simple... and I like that. She is just printing out some of her monthly she&he blog posts and putting them right in the album. I did end up taking Elise's "BIGmini" online class, and it was oh-so-fabulous. I am hoping to actually make something soon.

I have become a virtual crafter.


April said...

i am def going to do my own version of the "she&he" book. i love that! also, i'll be your kentucky pen-pal. i actually almost sent you a pic yesterday of the movie trailers all parked in north habs parking lot. you know, i hear the big movie people saw "grilling bobby hicks" and said, "we have to shoot a film in that place!" :) can't wait to see you guys in october! what are your fun plans?

Liz said...

I'd be your penpal. I never had one before, except in fourth grade when we had to write to the soldiers. That was the end of my penpal career.