Thursday, September 30, 2010

thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

1) This birthday girl. I can't believe my little sister is 24 today... which can only mean that I am quickly approaching the big 3-0. I am so thankful that Jenna was able to visit us last weekend for a little pre-birthday celebration. Happy birthday Jenna! I love you!

2) Antique fairs. I went to an awesome antique show last Sunday that was close to my house. It was fabulous... rows and rows of beautiful furniture, vintage jewelry, civil war finds... all kinds of cool stuff.

3) A Habersham visit. Lance and I will hit the road today and make the 7 hour drive to the 'Sham. We have big plans for this next week... seeing and loving on family... making it to a couple of Raider football games... hanging out with some friends... getting a couple of photo shoots in... oh, and work of course.


The Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

Silly work, gets in the way of all of our fun. Looking forward to your visit and seeing the outcome of the fabulous photo shoots!

Garretts said...

travel safely. happy driving! here's to more than a few stops for some gas station snacks!

also, those look like cupcakes in the pic with your sis!? did you return to the cupcake bakery? what new flavors did you try?? i bet they were divine!

Amy said...

Hey Julia! So glad that Louisville is treating you guys well. Love that place in the Fall.
'Wilson' is Emmett's middle name so I guess EK thought we should keep it going with this little fella as well. 'Hornsby' is her friend Jake's last name.
I hope to post pics of Ross and EK on a date they went on a few weeks ago. He took her to Auburn to watch some volleyball. It was a tournament and they got to see TSU win. I think she called it bolleyball:)

Lindsey Brackett said...

Hate that I'm missing your visit but enjoy your time in the 'Sham! We're hot stuff these days, you know.