Thursday, March 10, 2011

embrace the camera

Planes, trains and automobiles. That was this week's theme for embrace the camera.

This is what my life has looked like the past couple of weeks... airport floor, a good decor magazine, a copy of Pride & Prejudice, some comfy flats, and my trusty travel tote.

Linking this up to Emily's Embrace the Camera.


pakosta said...

very cool! I miss traveling! I used to more so when I was single, not much with the kiddos anymore!
enjoy! take lots of pix!

Jami said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend some free time! cute shoes :)

mleslie43 said...

I'm excited to see all the photos from Masterpiece! I think you should log them on to the BREAKAWAY Ministry link so everyone can see them!!

Allison Yokum said...

Love the shoes! They do look comfy!

Mommy Girl said...

I hope it's been fun travel and not just work!