Saturday, July 2, 2011

kyle & hillary {louisville photographer}

So in honor of the patriotic holiday weekend, I thought a man in uniform was appropriate:) These photos are from a fun photo session I had a few weeks ago.

Meet Kyle and Hillary. Aren't they beautiful? This cute married couple is in the community group that Lance and I lead at our church. They have quickly become very dear friends of ours. Kyle bought Hillary a photo session for her birthday this year, and I was beyond thrilled to be the one to snap the photos. And you can imagine my excitement when Kyle stepped out of the car in his full Air-force uniform. Aren't they just adorable?

Which one is your favorite? For every 1o comments the couple will receive a complimentary print.










Teagan said...

They're all beautiful! I love #4 the most, though. :)

Nikki said...

Number 8 is so romantic, and I think #7 is very cool!

Jaimie said...

I love #2 and @8! :)

hill said...

beautiful shots. love her dress and her name. {4} has to be my fav.

Salena said...

Love them all, but really like #6 because it's so different! :)

Flossie said...

I love #2.

Lindsey Brackett said...

I'm loving the Grey's Anatomy pose! Did they meet at the hospital and fall in love? Gorgeous shots, Julia!

Hillary said...

#6 is my favorite... No he is a med student and I work in a research lab.

Danielle said...

So adorable! I think I like the first one best. Great ideas.

Courtney said...

I think numero uno is my favorite. Great job, SF.