Wednesday, July 13, 2011

style & fashion :: special guest

I am so, so, so excited about today's topic, "Style & Fashion," and even more excited about today's guest blogger... it's the fabulous Stacie from The Tales from the Fairy Dust. If you haven't checked out her blog before, then shame on you... you are missing out. Stacie is not only my co-worker and one of my very best friends... she is also my very own personal fashion consultant. When I worked in the Atlanta office, she and I would often spend the first 20 minutes of every morning reviewing one another's daily attire... "Love that top... is that from the LOFT? Ooooo... those shoes! Are those your new Michael Kors wedges? And that watch... oh my goodness... love!!" I'm sure my boss rolled his eyes every morning. But Stacie is smart. She knows how to turn the best outfit into a full inspiration board... she's brilliant like that. Wait until you see what she has in store for you today. Be sure to pop over to The Tales from the Fairy Dust and say hello! Enjoy...

Hi everyone!! I'm Stacie from over yonder at the Tales from the Fairy Dust & let me start off by saying that I am just so excited to be guest posting today! I adore this blog and this girl with my whole heart! I miss her so much now that she has moved to Kentucky but I love hearing her updates and texting back & forth our fashion finds. I was so flattered that she picked me for her guest post on style & fashion and I couldn’t be more pleased to share with you today my personal fashion mantras. I consider myself to be a bit of a style lush and adore looking at magazines, online stores, IRL stores….to my heart’s content. I can’t always afford everything I want but that doesn’t mean I stop looking for inspiration. 

Hiii! This is me..acting silly for Gratuitous Fashion Friday earlier this year. I'm pretty sure I wore this entire outfit about 15 times this past winter I loved it that much.

Currently I am most obsessed with Kate Middleton {I mean, who isn’t?} her style is flawless and her choices are impeccable. Most importantly, the fit on all of her pieces is absolutely perfect. I’ve found that it makes no matter where you buy your clothes from, what matters most is the “fit”. You can wear a le Tar-jey special {Target, obvi!} and make it look like a million bucks if the fit is right. I for one am always the girl on a budget...but I’ve found a few secrets to making my inexpensive pieces look like they just walked out of Nordstroms, Barneys or Bloomies.

Kate..le sigh. A well-cut dress, nude heels & a jazzy clutch. 

1. Choose great tailored basics, we’re talking great tanks or classic black pants that fit your style. For me, a perfect black pant means a pencil cut, hitting right above my ankles. Jeans that are a dark shade and flattering, great tee-shirts and well-cut dresses that all fit you just right. I want all of my clothes in my closet to feel "just right". Who wants to put on a tee shirt that makes you feel frumpy? If it doesn't fit right, throw it out! It's better to wear the same shirt 15 times in a row that fits beautifully than to waste one moment of your life {or your money!!} on something that fits you poorly and doesn't make you feel awesome. If it's trendy but not "you" pass..go with something else. There is always something else.

You can dress these basic pieces up or down and use them as your interchangeable “foundation” if you will for your outfit. These pieces can be from Target, Kmart, Forever 21, or Lulu’s, Gap, or H&M. It really makes no matter where they are from, it matters that they fit you and your style perfectly. I try to utilize the KISS method when dressing.... Keep It Simple “Stupid”. I am a gal who likes classic looks with a twist, I tend to not go too far off the beaten path because I have a conservative job and I can’t dress for the runway everyday but I can spunk up classic looks with cheap trendy pieces. I just try to keep it to one “of the moment” look at a time.

Black cardigan "check", well-cut black skinny pants "check", cheap-o sparkly of the moment tank top? "check"! 

2. Shoes & Bags. The key to looking like a million bucks in my opinion is to choose your shoes and bags carefully, you can have on $12 skinny jeans from Forever 21 and a clearance $6 top from the Target but if you have a great handbag and a good pair of shoes no one will be the wiser. Trust me, I get more compliments on a cheap target print top or dress than I do on the expensive ones. It’s all in how you pair it! For me this means a great neutral leather handbag and a well heeled shoe

Deliciously neutral no-name cognac bag that goes with everything? "check"!

Did someone say Michael Kors wedges 60% off? With hints of gold? Wait, you say they will go with everything? "check"! {this particular steal found at Marshall's}

3. Accessorize! Again, trust me on this one. No one will ever be the wiser if your earrings came from Target or from some fancy upscale boutique. No one! So many boutiques are carrying such a wide range of jewelry now in different styles and variations that really you can pick up great pieces anywhere. I mean...take these awesome earrings {below} pair them with a white crew neck tee shirt, dark denim jeans and a great wedge you're boho chic. Pair them with a little black dress and maybe a low ponytail, you'd be perfect for happy hour. Such a cheap treat that could influence your outfit a million different ways.

Coral chandelier earrings for $7.99 from a "boutique" I mean...*cough* Target. "check"! PS...check out those awesome peacock ones on the bottom...hmmm.

4. Finally...own it! Wear a smile & your enthusiasm as well as your attitude will be catching. I always find that when I feel good, I look good and I am confident. Feeling good always puts a little extra sass in my step that day and I want to share my good mood with those around me. Going the bit "extra" can go a long way in how you feel and we all know that getting compliments on our fabulous new earrings doesn't hurt either! As Audrey Hepburn was quoted "Happiest Girls are the Prettiest"

A smile? "check!" Chocolate? Also "check"!

That’s all lovelies!! I hope Julia is having a fabulous time in cold, cold Alaska! I’m sure one thing is for certain she will look fabulous in all of her photos!! She is an absolutely gorgeous girl inside and out. Thanks for reading my little snippet and come join me over at the Tales from the Fairy Dust for style pieces, book reviews, fashion & my ever changing and comical dating life.


Jaimie said...

This is the first fashion advice I've read that hasn't told me to go out and get new stuff, that I need lots of expensive clothes, etc. This is the first advice I feel like I'm already following. I feel good in what I wear, I like how I look, and I'm already a "tailored-look" dresser. Check!! :) Thanks Stacie!!

Courtney said...

yay! yay! yay! excellent advice! i'm sorry stace & baldface that i am not a fashionista like you two. maybe it's odd that i prefer blue jean shorts that are too big and a men's crew neck white t-shirt, but i do...and that's okay by me...and i know you girls love me anyway. even still, i love admiring your style and fashion finds, my pretty friends.

Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Love you (and Julia too) and this post! :) Well done friend!

The Rigoloso's said...

Pretty girl, great style. ;)