Tuesday, November 8, 2011

top 10 :: favorite blogs

I like a lot of blogs. No, really... a lot. But there are a few that I really LOVE. These are the blogs that I pretty much stalk... these are the ones that I read practically everyday... I call these people by name... and talk about them to my husband. I sometimes forget that we don't know each other... but trust me, if we did, we would be BFF and have lunch dates, for sure.

I noticed that several of these blogs are not on my blog list to the right. I need to change that. Some major updating needed over there. Will work on that soon.

But in the meantime... here are my top 10 favorite blogs. You should definitely check them out if you don't already.

This blog is fully responsible for introducing me to the Blogosphere. I place the blame completely on Elise. She is adorable and a true DIY-er. I love the organic feel to her minibooks and how she puts her own touch on her adorable CA apartment.

And this would be the second blog that I'm obsessed with. Ali is the creator of the December Daily, which I will be trying again this year, and is a talented memory keeper. I love her encouragement to get your story down... to put it on paper.

This blog is pretty self-explainatory. For any of you OCD peeps out there, Jen's organization tips will leave you giddy with orderly excitement.

This is another good one for any of you neat freaks. I love how Toni posts weekly challenges to encourage you to actually DO the projects we have been talking about for ages. Projects like creating a gift wrap station, organizing your digital photos and meal planning.

Marta's blog is beautifully honest and oh-so-creative. She has the best snack ideas and makes adorable mini journals. And obviously... she loves to write and in the process inspires others to do so too.

Love seeing what Rhoda is up to on this blog... always decorating something, or cooking some type of delicious southern meal. And she always takes her camera along when she's rummaging through beautiful antique stores.

This is my fashion blog. I can't look at many of them, or I start wishing I had more money and just want to go shopping all of the time. But Kendi is a huge fan of thrifting and does a very impressing 30x30 remix... where she chooses just 30 clothing items to wear for the next 30 days, as she creatively comes up with all kinds of outfit combos.

One of my favorite scrapbook blogs, for sure. I love how the focus is on both the photos and the words. They give you prompt ideas for journaling tips in your scrapbooks. So, so fabulous.

Tina's blog is full of gorgeous decor eye candy. I love her, "which would you choose?" posts, where I can spend the morning daydreaming about which room/space I'd most like to be in. And as if that's not enough, Tina is letting us walk through the building process with her as she constructs the most amazingly, beautiful, ginormous, castle, err, I mean house.

Another home decor blog... well for the most part. But as the name implies, there are tons of thrifty ideas for sprucing up your home.

And there you have it... my top 10 favorite blog list. Do you read any of these? Or do you have any blogs that you simply can't live without? Namely... any that I should know about? :)

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Carolyn said...

Thanks for giving me new ways to suck time out of my day!!! I will have to check these out. I am sure that my blog was #11 on the list! I love reading yours!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Julia, thanks so much for including me on this list! I'm honored. I remember that you & Lauren are friends. She is home this week, by the way! Thanks so much for continuing to visit me. I try to make things fun & interesting.

Jaimie said...

lol, Carolyn said basically what I was thinking. I know what I'm doing the minute I get home from class. (And then, inspired by the blogs, I will clean/organize/cook. Homework? Bah.)

Emily said...

I love reading other peoples top blog picks! Thanks for giving me more places to stalk!

The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

WOW WEE, I am sooo honored to be on your "top 10" I now know how those all those top 10's feel on David Lettermans' show..lol.
Seriously,, thanks for the love, right back at you! I will check out the others that I dont' know, always so great to discover a new blog, thats whats so neat, that is such an incredibly vast world out there, so many more blogs to discover!! Keep doing what you do because I love it and I do hope if you are ever this way, NY, you WILL let me know:) xoxo

Miranda said...

I know what you mean about blogs you love: you feel like you know them yet you've never met them! I love reading blogs so I have a lot of favorites too :).

Laura Biddell said...

You should check out Black Tag Diaries its full of beautiful photography and lots of fun creative ideals. I love It! I read it almost everyday! Love Ya Julia!

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for this! Sometimes it's hard to find good blogs because there are so many. This is a great list and I'll definitely check them out!

iheartorganizing said...

I am so honored to be listed amongst so many other fab blogs! Thank you for the mention and for checking in! Means so much to me!

Off to check out some of the others!


Kimberly said...

Going to check out some of these blogs. Thanks!! I know its funny how you talk about bloggers like they are your neighbors and you haven't even met.

Caroline said...

I need to check these out. Thanks for sharing.