Thursday, August 30, 2012

thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) Chill time.  Last night my friend Shelby came over for dinner and we just chilled... no real agenda... just catching up over dinner and chocolate chip cookies.  And we may have watched the first 3 episodes of Pretty Little Liars (season one)... yes, I am fifteen.  What more can you ask for??  Girl time... cookies... and trashy television.  Great way to spend a Wednesday night if you ask me:)

2) Johnson's Lavender & Chamomile lotion.  The bottle claims to "melt away stress" and "helps calm your senses" ...and it does not lie people.  I love this stuff.  The smell is fabulous (subtle and calming) and it has a great powdery finish... not greasy at all.  I load up on the small travel sizes which are perfect for keeping at your desk or by the bed... or for traveling, duh.

3) Dishes.  I may not have a dishwasher, but I am grateful for the fact that I have dishes... that I have the ability to have a warm meal whenever I want... even if that means I'll be hand-washing plates and bowls for days.  I spend a lot of time complaining about the dishwasher I don't have, rather than the warm food and dishes that I do have.

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Suzanne Elyse said...

Great reminder about the dishes! We are also dishwasher-less and apt to complain about it... but the time spent washing and drying them also creates great conversation time that my husband and I otherwise wouldn't have. :)

Marti Kubena said...

I love that lotion too! And the dishes...ugh, least favorite chore in the house. We have a dishwasher, but it doesn't matter. It does such a bad job of cleaning, that I just have to wash most stuff by hand anyway.

Ryan said...

That lotion looks fabulous... I'm definitely going to have to try it!

Jackie Patti said...

Thanks for hosting! I linked up my risotto recipe