Tuesday, August 14, 2012

top 10 :: craftastic project ideas

I've been having crafting withdrawals... like breaking out in a cold sweat and getting the crafting-shakes. It's a serious problem. 

With last month's crazy travel schedule and busy calendar, it's been far too long since I've used scissors or a tape runner... and that is no good, my friends.  I've been daydreaming of all the projects and crafts that I would like to work on... now I've just got to actually make.them.happen.  Here's my top 10 craftastic project ideas...

1) Make a life binder. {image}
(As in, an organize-my-life-binder...)

2) Work on my project life album.
(yes, I am actually still doing this... I'm just 4 months behind, that's all.)

3) Paint something. {image}
(Anything... painting my nails would count at this point.  But that chevron wall is flippin' awesome.)

4) Update my card hoarding project.
(Believe it or not, I've actually started this one.)

5) Mail a care package. {image}
(How adorable is this college student care package??)

6) Create a weekly journal system. {image}
(I've always loved the idea of some type of art journal... now... just have to put that pen to paper...)

7) Write a letter. {image}
(Speaking of pen to paper... an old fashioned greeting is the best kind of greeting.)

8) Plan a party. {image}
(I'm thinking an adorable baby shower for a dear friend...)

9) Make something for the fall. {image}
(Sigh... can't you already smell the cinnamon in the air?) 

10) Do something creative... anything. {image}

What about you??  Any craftastic projects on your to-do list?
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Jaimie said...

Actually, yes (although most of my creativity is edible. Yesterday, I made cookies with fresh cherry pieces, coconut, white chocolate chips and almond extract in a basic cookie dough. Oh my).

A dear friend and I are planning on making soaps to have handy for Christmas presents. We were thinking about candles...but soaps sound a lot easier. :) :) (Have you made either of those before? If so, any tips? :) )

Ursula @ Extravagant Joy said...

Oh I am so loving that cinnamon candle pic...and the idea of the 'organise-my-life-folder'! As well as the letter writing...there is NOTHING cooler than getting an old fashioned letter....

Also, my creative journalling has taken a back seat lately....I'd like to get back on that.

Thanks for the inspiring post...those candles have my eye!

mleslie43 said...

Love the college care package... this is way cuter and cooler than all the candy ones we sent in the past. All very nice projects Julia!

Sherri Davidson said...

I have actually been working on an life binder as well. I sure hope I use it! LO

Chrystina said...

omg. Every time I scrolled down I was like "I want to do that. And that. And that. And that."

SUCH an incredible list.

Also, what's this life book thing, I like it. I think you should do a whole post on it. It's kind of adorable.