Tuesday, August 21, 2012

top 10 :: grown-up school supplies i need

It's back to school time!  And although I am well-beyond my own school days, my heart still goes pitter-patter when I walk down the school supply aisle.  Sigh... mechanical pencils... colorful paperclips... new sharpies... crisp notebook paper... organized dividers... I just can't help it... gets me every time.

If you're like me and go out of your way to walk down the school supply aisle... (or even worse, plan trips to Staples and Office Depot just for fun)... then you'll appreciate today's post.  Here are the top 10 grown-up school supplies i desperately need...

This paper would seriously brighten up my to-do lists.

2) personalized address stamps
Love these... and hopefully will need to order a new stamp soon;)

3) painted bulletin board 
This bulletin board would brighten up any office space.

Seriously??  Too cute!!

I.need.these.  Thinking this would be perfect for my life binder.

6) colorful leather journals
Maybe I would journal more if I had these?

7) clipboard workspace 
I love this idea.  Such a great system for us visual people.

 8) library card notepads
These could totally replace my sticky note obsession.

Almost as important as your first-day-of-school outfit.

10) pretty pencil pouch
I mean, who doesn't need a pretty pencil pouch??

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buy birthday party supplies said...

This supplies are "must have" for school always!

LLK-C said...

Love all these finds! Especially those library card notes :)


Kate C. said...

I LOVE school supply time! I have a pen obsession, and an entire drawer full of unopened post-it notes, waiting to be used. However, I love those library card notes. I also wish I wrote more letters for the snail mail, because I could use a personalized address stamp. Thanks for this fun post!



Sherri Davidson said...

I love these. I have a slight obsession for all things school/office related. I love the monogrammed binders.

Anonymous said...

I love each and every one of these. We should go back to school shopping; I'm such a nerd, because I love this time of year...even though I'm way out of school.

Hanna said...

Just stumbled upon your blog via First Day of My Life and I love it! I'm like a kid when it comes to school supplies - I have way more than I'll ever use. There's just something fun about buying them!

Chrystina said...

Every time I realize that I'm a big people now and I have money so I can buy whatever supplies I want in life I get happy :)