Friday, February 1, 2013

embracing february {monthly goals}

I know it's only month #2 and all... but I'm pretty much in love with this idea of monthly goals:)  Here is what I'm embracing this February...

Focusing on // the home study process.
The adoption process is daunting.  Like, for real.  The paperwork alone can make you hyperventilate.  I have decided that it's best to break this process up into smaller parts... you know, to avoid any unnecessary anxiety attacks.  This month, Lance and I are focusing on our home study process... specifically, this means... 1) finishing our 70 question self-study (we each have to complete this individually)... 2) scheduling our second appointment with our home study agency... and 3) begin baby-proofing our house so we can pass our actual home study, whenever that happens.

Finishing up // old projects.
I have a feeling February won't be the only month this year that has a goal similar to this one.  You see, I have a major commitment problem when it comes to projects.  I love to start them... but rarely see them to completion.  I am working on this.  I have a handful of projects in mind that I would love to see finished in February:)  Stay tuned on this one...

Finding time // for myself.
I am pretty stoked to be in Louisville for the month of February... yay... no travel!!  And I fully plan on taking advantage of some "Julia-time" during my month of hotel-free living.  For me, this means a few coffee dates with myself... working on some unfinished projects (see above)... and some much-needed craft time... cannot.wait.

Figuring out // our budget.
Lance and I have always worked off of some type of budget... but to say it is casual would be a major understatement.  Over the past 2+ years, we've had to buckle down a bit... mostly due to our move to Louisville and Lance being in school.  We've started doing some major debt-repayment and are working on slowly building up our savings.  But now that we have started the adoption process, our financial goals have shifted a little... okay, a lot.  Adoption ain't cheap people.  It's time to get serious.

What about you?  What are you focusing on this February?


Lindsey Brackett said...

I would have figured you always finished projects, so glad I'm not the only one who loves a great (p)inspiration or a fun start, but then never quite gets to the end. I've got a post coming about some projects, too, but they won't be crafty. Praying for you and the adoption that all will be provided. Do you want to borrow Gus and Amelia to test the toddler proofness?

Sarah Eager said...

I'm with you on the monthly goals! I always make monthly goals- annual goals are too overwhelming to me. The first day of the month is my favorite for this very reason.

My goals are very similar to yours (minus the adoption), but I need to finish some projects I started and I need to refine my budget! I am off from work for 4 weeks and I need to budget myself accordingly. Lastly, finding time for myself! One of my New Year's Resolutions was to say no! I always say yes to everyone and in turn, I have no time let to say yes to myself.

Enjoyed your post- good luck with your adoption process!


The Eager Teacher
The Eager Weekend

Michelle Weston said...

How crazy! I am totally on a "GOAL kick" this month too. We also are cracking down on our budget this month. I have a goal to cut out my caffeine for the month - after I finish a major project I'm undertaking. And i plan to start fitting in more exercise into my daily routine. I want to stick to some health mantras..such as "only eating desserts when we go out on dates." I am also planning to blog everyday this month (as a way to commit to my blog). So we'll see how I do with all of that! phew! I'm tired now. Off to grab a cup of coffee...and a cookie.

mleslie43 said...

Wow, that's a lot but the way you have it broken down is very doable! Wish I could be there to help somehow! Enjoy your month at your own home and doing a little bit of nothing in-between.