Sunday, August 28, 2011

hoehler family {louisville family photographer}

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of snapping a few photos for the beautiful Hoehler family. This is such a sweet family and little Martin is just too cute for words! Adorable, right?

{Be sure to share the love... Which one is your favorite?}












Jaimie said...

Number one, actually, is my favorite. All the eyes. I think eyes are the most beautiful part of any person: so expressive...the windows to the soul.

misc.alaina said...

Love his curls! Number 4 is my favorite!! Great job!

April said...

4 and 10 are my favs! great pics once again!

Courtney said...

cute! 4 and 10 are my favs!

Salena said...

Can I vote for all of them? Hmmm... I think #9 is my fave!