Sunday, November 4, 2012

october... in photos

Even though I spent the majority of October posting on my 31-day series of change... I did a lot more than "just change" in the month of October...  Like what, you ask??  Well, let's see...

I traveled.

I ate Chipotle. (thank you Jesus)

I worked.

I took a day off.

I bought a cat scarf.

I had a sweet newborn photo shoot.

We picked tomatoes... yes, still.

We dog-sat for some friends. (Little Cat is not a fan)

I met the girls for sushi.

We got dressed up.

We went to the Saturday Flea Market.

We enjoyed the cooler weather.

I enjoyed game night with my besties.

We came home to a small house fire.

I relocated my home office.

We ate our fall favorites.

We ate dinner with friends.

We went to a concert.

We did some babysitting.

I mailed some Halloween happies.

I read bedtime stories with friends.

We went to our church's Fall Festival.

I watched neighbors enjoy my photography class photos.

We met new little friends.

I hosted a baby shower.

We had study dates.

 I had my favorite dish at my favorite German restaurant.

I went on a date with myself. 

We had a fabulous October... the proof remains. 

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mleslie43 said...

Where did that witch go? She left so fast she must have left her hat! Ha! You look like you had a very fun October!