Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanksgiving table thoughts...

So, I know this is a little last minute and all... but I'm trying to figure out how we should set the table for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.  It will have to be pretty simple... since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and all that... and I'm thinking paper plates are a must... you know since we do not enjoy the luxury of a dishwasher... so. yeah.  

It's our first time to actually host Thanksgiving at our house... usually we are traveling to Georgia or Texas or somewhere... but we are really looking forward to having a house full this year.  I'm thankful that my mother-in-law is making the trip and will ultimately be in charge of the food (I'm sure everyone else is thankful too:)  The boys will deep fry the turkey again... I'm telling you... once you go deep fried, you never go back.  So, with the majority of the food taken care of, I'm focusing my efforts on the table... 

I love the white pumpkins... they seem to say classic and simple all at the same time.

I love all the natural colors on this table.

I love the simplicity of the name card with the elegance of the gold... beautiful.

Speaking of name cards... how perfect (and free!) is this?

And this is probably my favorite... these name cards have the menu items listed on them... but what if you wrote down a few things that you are specifically thankful for... for each particular guest.  Love.

I'm thinking about printing some of these before tomorrow.  
(And you can too!  Just click the image source link above)

What about you?  Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

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mleslie43 said...

Take a picture of your table after you set it so we can all see! Have fun! We will miss you but glad you get to have a "Black Thanksgiving"! Tell everyone hello!