Thursday, November 1, 2012

thankful thursday {link up}

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This Thursday I am thankful for...

1) Grocery store halloween costumes.  Last weekend my friend Leslie and I were going to head over to a little Halloween shindig at our favorite local pub... only problem was that we didn't have any costumes to wear.  Hmmm... what to do, what to do... well, wouldn't you know that Kroger has a pretty fine selection of costume accessories.  Okay, okay, not really... but Leslie and I sure had fun browsing the aisle.  Nothing beats a $2.99 witch hat and a $5.99 pretty mask.  Kroger for the win.

2) Sushi dates.  Especially with the girls and especially with happy hour prices!  I've recently been introduced to a new sushi joint, Dragon King's Daughter... and every weeknight at 9:00pm (or weekend starting at 10:00pm) they have happy hour sushi!  Had a great time there with my community group girls last night... so fun.

3) Help.  Recently a friend of ours has volunteered to help us with our adoption paperwork.  I can't even begin to tell you what this means to me.  The whole paperwork process has practically paralyzed me.  I'm not entirely sure why... but we have felt very stuck lately.  Last night our friend, Kimi, came over to our house specifically to help us start to filter through the massive pile of lists and papers.  Kimi got right to work... she asked to see all of our different requirement lists... began making notes... flipped through our Haiti booklet... and made the most insane excel spreadsheet I've ever seen.  I can't explain the amount of relief and encouragement that swept over me from simply accepting help.

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Sarah Fontenot said...

I can't even imagine the paperwork involved in the adoption process! Glad you have someone helping out! Thanks for linking up with me today.

Flossie said...

What a great way to use her talents to bless someone else! Sometimes it's just that first step in getting started that can seem so hard. I hope it all seems less daunting now.

Sylvia Phillips said...

Congratulations on your adoption! you must be so excited! My friend adopted a 2 yr old boy from Haiti about ten years ago. He couldn't speak a word of English and had never seen snow! Now he is 6 ft. tall and an all American boy!

mleslie43 said...

So excited for you guys and for your friend Kimi who has helped you put a dent in that mountain of paper work. I'm sure a relief for you all to start moving forward a little bit!

Joy said...

That's an awesome friend to help with all that paper work! Will be praying for you and y'alls adoption!