Friday, May 21, 2010

happy birthday to you, love.

Today my man turns 31, so I wanted to dedicate a little birthday list just for him today...

Lance, 31 things I love about you...

1) That you always kiss me goodbye in the morning if you leave the house first.
2) That you hate flying, but love to travel.
3) That you will always break it down on the dance floor.
4) That you won a limbo contest on our honeymoon.
5) That you know my exact order at practically every fast food restaurant.
6) That you have choreographed moves to "You're the Best Around."
7) That you cook me dinner and never complain.
8) That you have a passion for adventure.
9) That you can fix practically anything... without directions.
10) That you tell me I'm beautiful (even in my over-sized sweatshirt).
11) That you could watch the History Channel and Discovery Channel all day.
12) That despite #11, you will almost always watch HGTV with me.
13) That you love Little Cat as much as I do. (don't deny it)
14) That you write me love notes on the bathroom mirror.
15) That you care more about investing in young men's lives than winning football games.
16) That you worry about the ones you love.
17) That you have the best laugh in a crowded movie theatre.
18) That you eat a bag of popcorn with me almost every night.
19) That you always find me the tallest Christmas tree.
20) That you can suck down a Coke Icee in record time.
21) That you teach me something new every day.
22) That you have a passion to share Christ's love around the world.
23) That you cherish family.
24) That you support all of my random hobbies.
25) That you are a walking encyclopedia... a wealth of knowledge.
26) That you take me on dates.
27) That you will always be 2 years older than me.
28) That you encourage me to be creative.
29) That you always take out the garbage.
30) That you trust the Lord with our marriage.
31) That YOU are MINE.

Happy birthday babe. I love you.


Garretts said...

great post. what a sweet guy. happy birthday to Lance!

Carolyn said...

Very sweet! Happy Birthday Lance!!

Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

That was so romantic! That made me smile from ear to ear, very cute. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Courtney said...

I love it, Julia! You are both wonderful! I hope Lance has a very happy birthday!

John Leslie, Jr. said... are a very lucky girl. To find a guy as good as your dad. Except for number 13. Cats??

Happy birthday Lance!


mleslie43 said...

Not true Julia... your Dad loves cats, just not ours! And does this mean when your Dad turns 56 in August that I should think of 56 things that I love about him?? I think I will try starting on that NOW! Although, I do have many things about him I this is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Love you so much!