Friday, May 7, 2010

told you they were thoughtful...

Just in case you didn't believe how incredibly thoughtful and awesome my birthday presents were... I figured I would prove it to you...

My early morning flowers... Anytime you are greeted first thing in the morning with flowers and a sweet card from your husband, you can pretty much gaurentee it's going to be a good day. And the day did not disapoint.

My Ann Taylor shirt & necklace... The other day I said something about really loving the fun colors that Ann Taylor was using this season, and how I really wanted a cute top and necklace... Then, poof! My trendy co-worker fashionista came to the rescue!

My very own Elise Blaha mini book... You may remember a few Thankful Thursday's ago I talked about my favorite crafty blog... well, it turns out that Elise makes these cute little mini books and my friend/co-worker Courtney totally ordered me one. I love it!

My beer basket... I received lots of suggestions for my quest to "find a beer that I like" from my 30 by 30 list. But a couple of co-workers went above and beyond in helping me find the perfect beer... I will be conducting a serious research project this weekend.

My very own copy of Pride & Prejudice... Also on my 30 by 30 list is to "read a classic" (#17). My good friend April bought me this beautiful copy of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Isn't it the prettiest book you've ever seen? I can't wait to start reading my classic!

My Osage strawberries... I already kind of mentioned these in yesterday's Thankful Thursday, but these strawberries are worth mentioning twice. Yes, they are that good. And they are almost gone...

My favorite snacks... On the day after my birthday, I found this awesome grocery sack of goodies right outside my car door before I left for work. A Kroger bag full of IBC Cream Soda, Good & Plenty's, and some Pepperridge Farm Milano cookies... so delish. I knew instantly that this little b-day present had to be from someone that knew me incredibly well. These are some of my secret indulgences :) Thank you Portia!
Told you they were the most thoughtful gifts ever... Told you.


Liz said...

Those are some really good gifts. You must have some good co-workers and friends. Happy b-day and have fun with the beer experiment!

Garretts said... are surrounded by folks that know you pretty well. hope the beer basket helps you cross another item off your list this weekend!

Claire's Momma said...

I love seeing your office. You really are a grown up with a real & important job, huh? ;)
I am so happy to know you are surrounded with so many people that know just how awesome you are. xoxo.

Courtney said...

You only got all of those thoughtful gifts because you are completely awesome!

mleslie43 said...
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mleslie43 said...

You received so many cool gifts from so many cool friends. You are so blessed. Like I have always told you... God had his hand upon you! He told me that he would, the minute I knew you were growing in my tummy!
I love you sweetie!