Monday, March 18, 2013

weekend festivities

We had our HOME STUDY on Friday!!!  And it went really well... our social worker told us we were informally approved... the official home study is still dependent on a few last little items.  We still need to get our Georgia criminal background checks completed and Little Cat still needed to be approved by a Veterinarian...

Speaking of which... Little Cat had his first vet appointment since 2008... yes, I know... I'm a terrible cat-mom.  But as you can tell from the photo Little Cat is a little sketched out by the vet office... and can you really blame him?  The last time we went, they took away his manhood.  I would be a little skeptical too.

What better way to celebrate a successful home study, than with a dirty martini?!?  I was able to catch up over dinner with a great friend who is also in the adoption process.  She and her husband are adopting from the Congo and will be bringing their sweet little girl home in just a few more months.

After dinner, I picked up this little guy for a movie date:)  Isaiah's mom had to work late, so me and Isaiah ate popcorn, drank chocolate milk and watched The Lorax.  Super cute movie... we both liked it:)

The weather was AMAZING on Saturday... so we made sure to take advantage of it.  Lance worked on his garden most of the day... and his chicken coops. (Yep, you heard me... chicken coops).

While Lance was working in the yard... I did a little thrifting and found this beauty... for $25.  That's right... twenty.five.flippin.dollars.  So much potential, right? 

Sunday morning I had a quick little photo shoot with this awesome group.  These 3 families are starting a church plant in France this year.  And while the weather was not very cooperative (think 32 degrees... rain, sleet, and snow), my photo subjects were spectacular:)

And this... this is what I did pretty much the rest of the day... it.was.awesome.

And how was your weekend?? 


Jaimie said...

What a great weekend!! I'm so glad the adoption plans are coming along so well. Super-excited for you guys! <3 (Chicken coop?!?!? I can't wait to hear all about it!)

mleslie43 said...

So I take it chickens are aloud in your neck of the woods! You Dad would love to have chickens in our back yard! I have a feeling Waterford Park wouldn't be so appreciative...ha! Way to go on finishing up your last home study and with flying colors at that! I know God has already chosen your sweet children and I can't wait!

ThistleAshD said...

that's so exciting! glad the home study went well :)

Flossie said...

We love the Lorax (aka, the Bibrax) at our house. Very cute movie.

I'd kinda like to see a post about your garden. I'm thinking about using raised beds, and I have NO idea where to even start. Did Lance build those?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! And I'm jealous of your $25 find, it's beautiful!