Wednesday, March 13, 2013

work week wardrobe :: march edition

Not only is this the "March-work-week-edition"... it is also the "last-week-in-Atlanta-edition."  Last week was officially my final visit to the Atlanta office before I leave my current job and start with a new company in early April.  This also means no more monthly hotel-living... frequent flyer miles... car rentals... airport lounging... and you won't have to stare at the Marriott carpet in my fashion posts anymore.  It's all very bittersweet, I know.

Nevertheless... here is what I wore for my last week ever at the Atlanta office...

top: Daniel Rainn (TJ Maxx)
pants: Gap black skinnies
shoes: Bloch classica flats

 top: Old Navy
skirt: Ellen Tracey (TJ Maxx)
necklace: Pyrrha
shoes: Fergalicious

 dress: Gap
belt: Lucky Brand
leggings: Forever 21
boots: Eric Michael

 heart blouse: Fun & Flirt (TJ Maxx)
cardigan: Belldini (Nordstrom Rack)
necklace: Charming Charlies
pants: Gap black skinnies
shoes: Bloch classica flats 

 top: Gap
belt: Forever 21
necklace: Francesca's 
jeans: Joe's Jeans

What this really means is that very soon I will have to start wearing normal-office-y-type-clothing  Not quite sure how I feel about that part yet.  Don't fret... I promise I'll keep the fashion posts to a minimum... 

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mleslie43 said...

Nice outfit's Julia! What about the bracelets from Friday??... they are pretty too! Haven't seen you for quite awhile, so it is fun to see you in all these pics. Your hair has gotten SO LONG!!

Lauren said...

These are all cute looks, but I especially like Thursday. Good luck with your new job! Living out of a hotel every month doesn't sound very convenient.

Flossie said...

I never wear belts over things. I always feel like I just look all bumpy and weird.

Angie said...

Your so stylish! I love that Gap Dress :)