Tuesday, March 16, 2010

project organization :: craft closet

One of the items on my 30 by 30 list is "clean out the craft closet." Now, I realize to some of you, this may seem strange to have an entire space in your house dedicated to craft supplies and art projects... some of you may even be thinking, "what a valuable waste of space!" But oh contraire... it is quite the opposite. I must admit, for me, this amazingly huge walk-in closet is what sealed the deal when Lance and I were looking for a rental. When I stepped inside, it seemed to entice and whisper, "Just think how many supplies I can hold... the possibilities are endless." And it is so true. With it's floor to ceiling shelves, and perfect width (where my little desk just happens to fit precicely), this closet just begs to be used for a greater purpose.

When Lance and I moved in to this little house in August, my sister graciously took on the responsibility of unpacking the craft closet boxes. She did an amazing job. She did in 2 hours what would have taken me days. You see, I'm slightly OCD when it comes to stuff like this. I think and rethink where each item should go. "Should scrapbook paper go on the 3rd shelf or the 4th shelf?" "Should stamps be in the front of the closet or the back?" "Should wrapping paper be stored vertically or horizontally?" See what I mean? Sometimes I think I prefer organizing my supplies more than actually using them. So, when I say, "Clean out the craft closet," what I really mean is rearrange and sort according to my crafting needs. I am also hoping to purge A LOT. I want to put a lot of unused craft items in the massive yard sale I plan on having in a month or so (see footnote).

So, even though to the naked eye, the above picture looks like a pretty well organized craft closet... I have big plans for this bad boy. I started a little this past weekend and will update you on my progress soon. But I would love to hear any suggestions or ideas that you may use to organize your own home.

*footnote: MASSIVE YARD SALE COMING IN APRIL. If you live in the Habersham area, start getting excited.


Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

oh i am sooo jealous of this precious little craft closet!! how awesome. and it looks perfectly organized to me!

Garretts said...

me too! love your space. I actually have a reserved spot in our recently finished basement to serve as a crafting/wrapping area (basically a kid-free zone!) and I haven't had the energy or inspiration to get started on it. It is completely bare...needs shelves, desk, supplies. I'm hoping your re-organization will motivate me. I also look forward to seeing some of your purged craft supplies at the yard sale....maybe a preview party is in order for your blogging friends??

Courtney said...

I'm coming to the yardsale.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, I have a closet just like this!!! And when I took the place (also a rental), I had it in mind to turn it into a craft room/work-and-craft storage space, much like I see here. However, I've just never gotten around to the big set up so far. If I was to do it, I know that over the summer would be the best time to do it... But I'd LOVE to see the progress YOU'RE making! Have you done more to it yet since this post? I'm feeling a little motivation setting in! ~tina