Saturday, July 3, 2010

snow cone?? yes please.

I have been full out craving a snow cone for over two weeks now. I would kill for a snow cone stand right now. I simply don't understand why every corner doesn't have a snow cone stand operating in the summer time. It should be a law.

Back in my college days, I spent two summers in Panama City Beach, Florida. Now, they know the rules on snow cone living. They have snow cone stands everywhere... on the beach, in front of Wal-Mart, by the night clubs... everywhere. And they also understand the importance of 'cream' (aka, sweetened & condensed milk) in your snow cones. Cream is key. A snow cone stand is considered a failure if they do not offer cream.

So, friends... tomorrow I set out on a snow cone expedition. I will find a snow cone stand. If you already know of one in the area... please, do tell.


Rachel said...

so we have one down the street that is pretty amazingly cheap and awesome -- you just need to come here = )

Anonymous said...

I own a snowcone stall I live in Berkshire :)