Wednesday, July 21, 2010

top 10 reasons why "161" was stinkin' awesome

10) Cozy fires in the winter time.

9) Awesome hang outs on the back porch.

8) The best New Year's parties.



7) The "sweatshop."

6) That amazing bath tub.

5) We built it ourselves.

4) The laundry room connected to the master closet.

3) We could have the tallest Christmas tree.

2) Hosted several big-time birthdays.
Jenna's 20th

Linda's 60th

Lance's 30th

1) It was home.


The Rigoloso's said...

how beautiful. you will have 'home' again. it is not forever lost. but, oh that 161 will leave a mark.

Emilee Campbell said...

I'm basically in love with this house! Mostly the Christmas picture. I love big trees and that pic looks like it came out of the movie. When (if ever) I build I totally love this floor plan. Especially the laundry near the closet. How kind! :) Clothes might actually be put up.

Tales from the Fairy Dust said...

Awh....this was very special & I am also seriously digging the new background!! I need to get on that before mine disappears! eek!

Garretts said...

yes, love your new background.

161 has sure set a high bar for your future homes! what wonderful memories you have there.

Courtney said...

Such a sweet post...and I love the house. I hope you always find "home" wherever you go.

April said...

four things:
1. be glad you weren't at the 30th birthday party
2. i miss my seat on the fireplace
3. i remember telling you guys we were pregnant with eli at 161
4. the new year's parties were the best!!!!

oh and you forgot the many nights after the football games that we had to replay every yard gained and lost. :) you can't move to kentucky!

black tag diaries said...

april... i know! it's all very bittersweet. remember when lance would make his annual predictions every new years... and how we stared at the TV for 3+ hours waiting for the guy to jump all the cars?

Matt, Carrie, Lucy and Molly Allen said...

awww! i will miss your house too! we loved coming and staying there with ya'll! good times...

Rhonda said...

Never got to see this house...but it is beautiful and the memories sound wonderful...

mleslie43 said...

Oh Julia, this is such a happy/sad post. We will also miss this beautiful home and the memories that went along with it. But, home is where you hang your hat and you have a great knack of making your home and future homes special! You did a great job going over the top 10 best things about it! Love and miss you sweetie! Mama

Kelly said...

omg thanks for the jump link! you designed this??? amaze-balls! nice work!