Tuesday, December 4, 2012

top 10 :: gift wrapping tips

I love wrapping presents.  Like, really LOVE.  I'm a confessed wrapping paper snob and my husband doesn't quite understand why I always insist on hostess gifts.  It's a small, (okay big... maybe-slightly-out-of-control) obsession.  But never-the-less, regardless of your wrapping abilities or enthusiasm... the gift-giving season is upon us.  I thought I would share my top ten tips for gift wrapping...

1) Simple is better.
I'm convinced that you don't have to know how to tie extravagant bows and own expensive paper and tags to create beautiful gift wrapping.  Sometimes the most simple packages are the most exquisite.

2) Tag... you're it.
I love me a good gift tag... whether it's purchased or handmade... plain or fancy... simple or sparkly... gift tags are the way to go.  For me, it's usually a shipping tag and typically replaces an actual card... regardless of the occasion.

3) Brown paper packages tied up in string...
Keeping in line with the "simple is better" mentality... I'm a huge fan of brown kraft paper and simple twine or raffia.  Both of which can usually be purchased in bulk and are appropriate for all occasions.

4) Take a number.
I love the idea of numbering your gift for a special occasion... whether it's with a number stamped on the gift tag or a calendar sheet used as wrapping paper (like this photo).  What a great idea!  You could circle the date to be opened, the age of the recipient, or a special occasion number.

 5) Fabulous fabric.
Okay... talk about easy.  If you're terrible at wrapping presents, then this method is for you.  Just grab a garment of fabric (scarf, dishtowel, receiving blanket, etc) and gather the corners and tie at the top... presto!  Done.  I especially love how your wrapping paper instantly becomes part of the gift!

6) Picture perfect.
This is a great way to personalize your gifts.  Use photos as gift tags, labels, or even as the wrapping paper itself!  You could print a collage of photos onto a simple sheet of copy paper to wrap smaller gifts.  I love the look of the vintage black & white photos.

7) It's all in the details.
While yes, simple is better... a little fuss and frill never hurt anyone:)  The details can make the simplest package feel super important.  You could add a whispy flower, a tiny sprig of pine, or a small ornament.

8) Take note.
Don't have a bunch of fancy wrapping paper lying around the house??  No problem.  Grab the newspaper... an old map... a page from your favorite thrift store book... the funnies.  All work perfectly well... and are perfectly free.

9) Bag-schmag.
As you can probably already tell from this post, I'm pretty anti-gift bag.  If it fits in a box... that's usually my go-to... but sometimes a box isn't always possible.  That just means you have to think outside the box!  

10) More is always better.
When it comes to presents, I'm a firm believer that more is always better... okay, okay... maybe not always.  But it sure is fun.  Multiple gifts make the perfect "advent calendar" and is a great idea for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

So, there you have it... my top ten tips for gift wrapping.  Now wrap away my little elves!

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Dean K said...

Hello I'm visiting from Tuesday 10. I LOVE THIS!! All these presents and tags are swoon-worthy>> I think simple is beautiful too :)

Jo said...

Love these! I'm also a big believer in simple wrapping ... my favourite being brown or black paper.

Lena B, Actually said...

I'm a horrible wrapper... Your ideas & tips are fab! Thanks for linking up!