Tuesday, September 20, 2011

top 10 :: favorites from our trip to germany

I have visited Germany a few times in the past, but mostly just south Germany, and mostly just for work, with very little time for sightseeing. This visit was different. No work for me... instead, my family and I were invited to a beautiful wedding. We were able to visit a few days before the ceremony and do some sightseeing in Aachen, Cologne and Frankfurt. It was such an incredible trip, and this post hardly does it justice, but I figured a "top 10 list" was the best way to brag about my trip without posting all 8 bazillion of my photos...

So... here you have it... my top 10 favorite things from our trip to Germany...

1) The Cathedrals.
{the Cologne Cathedral}

{the Aachen Cathedral}

{the Aachen Cathedral... under attack by Jenna:) }

2) Stories & traditions.
{love locks on the Cologne bridge}

{rubbing one of the statues noses for good luck}

{checking for the devil's thumb at the Aachen Cathedral}

3) Amazing weather.
{a perfectly sunny, crisp day in Cologne}

{the Cologne Cathedral & Ludwig Museum under blue skies}

4) Best chocolate & candy ever.
{one of many amazing chocolate cafe window displays}

{a Haribo candy stand in the home of Haribo candy}

5) Stained glass windows.
{in the Cologne cathedral}

{in the Aachen Cathedral}

6) History, history, history.
{the Throne of Charlemagne in the Aachen Cathedral}

{the Roman Ruins in Cologne}

{the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery}

7) Making new friends.
{Doris, the bride's mom was the best host ever}

{Vulcar took us everywhere and became part of our family by the end of the week}

8) Visiting 3 countries at once.
{the point where Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands meet}

{in all 3 countries at once}

9) Spending time with my family.
{all 6 of us, on the Cologne bridge}

{all 6 of us, in Belgium}

10) The most beautiful wedding ever.
{Nicole & Mark... the newlyweds}

{the beautiful bride & groom... congratulations!}

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misc.alaina said...

Amazing photos! I lived near Frankfurt one summer, and visited Cologne, Frankfurt, and Bonn. Very beautiful cities, and the countryside between them is amazing! Love Haribo candies! So glad you had a wonderful trip!!

Shari said...

Looks like a great trip. Your pictures are awesome. Especially the family shots. Make sure you stop by my blog for my first giveaway. I think it's one you will like. If I know you at all. ;) Glad you're back. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

I absolutely love the pictures of the stained glass windows.

The bride (in the last photo) looks just like Kate Winslet!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!! I can not get over the beauty of those cathedrals. Thanks for linking up!