Tuesday, September 13, 2011

top 10 :: tips for international traveling

While I am just arriving in Aachen and incredibly jet-lagged... I thought this week would be a good week to share my top 10 tips for international traveling...

1) Don't forget your passport...
This one seems pretty self-explanatory... but you'd be surprised. Make sure it's in your bag/purse in advance or write yourself a note.

2) Bring a book (or two)...
This is crucial if you will be spending an excessive amount of time on a plane or in an airport... not to mention if you plan on using local transportation once you get to your destination.

3) Study your destination.
Know where you are going. Try to learn about the people and culture before you get there. Oh, and check the weather.

4) Plan your outfits.
For a 7 day trip, I try to plan about 5 solid outfits... always with pieces that can be mixed. Don't be afraid to wear things more than once. Layers are key for international traveling... think cardigans, scarves and comfy flats.

5) Pack light.
Yeah, yeah... I'm working on this one. It's the shoes that get me every time. But if you succeed with #4, you should be fine.

6) Bring an eye mask.
This one is for your sanity on the plane. Earplugs aren't a bad idea either. If you will be backpacking or staying at multiple locations, this is a must, since you can't always control your sleeping environment.

7) Plan your excursions in advance.
Know what you want to do while on vacation. Are you wanting to plan a trip to the Eiffel Tower? Wanting to do some local shopping? Want to eat only at local eateries? It always helps to plan your sightseeing in advance if possible.

8) Bring your camera (and memory cards, batteries, chargers, etc).
Make sure you can capture your adventures. Nothing is worse than having your camera all ready to go for that one incredible photo-opportunity, then realizing your memory card is full or your battery has just died.

9) Get on your new time zone as soon as possible.
Try your very best to stay awake until a reasonable night-time hour after your plane lands... no matter how horrible your jet-lag feels. I promise this will make the rest of your trip much more enjoyable.

10) Be flexible.
This pertains to all of the above... 1-9. Your plans will change... your outfits might not work... you might finish your books... be flexible. Be willing to move to plan B... or plan C.

But of course... most importantly... ENJOY.
That's what I'm doing:)

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Shari said...

Great list! Have an awesome time! :)