Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days of change :: day 18 {pocket change & date nights}

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For this week's "pocket change" post I scrounged up every penny, nickel, dime, and quarter we had in our house for an affordable date night!  We have done this before and totally hit the jackpot with over $50 in change.

Welllll... we didn't have quite that much this time.  $13.10 to be exact.
Hmmm... a $13 date night... yeah... that limits your options a bit.  Movie night is out... tickets alone are more than that.  A dinner date would be pushing it...  But a dessert date??  Now that, we could probably handle.

So I texted this hot guy I know to see if he wanted to meet for ice cream later... he said yes, and we decided on Dairy Kastle (yes, kastle with a K).  I've only been one other time and I'm trying to figure out why that is.  Dairy Kastle is the bomb.

I got what they call an Orange Cow (dreamsicle in a cup) and Lance got a giant soft serve cone... all for a whopping $4.95.  Yep... you heard me.  Four.dollars.and.ninty-five.cents... we have enough change to do it again.  And by golly, we just might:)

 For the month of October I'm doing a 31-day series on "change."  Go here to see the full line-up of "change" posts.


OneMommy said...

Read this on the way to the T.T. post.... I love the idea of using spare change for date night! And dessert date is just up my alley!

Claire's Momma said...

CUTE! (ps where did you find the hottie on such short notice?) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you. AND this sounds like an awesome date night. There are so many nights I would rather have ice cream than drinks. I recently found a place near the hotel that I usually stay at that serves dippin' dots. That made me pretty happy :)